Agreements for Sale

Buy Property Without Qualifying for a Mortgage by Using this Seller Financing Strategy

An Agreement for Sale (AFS) (sometimes called a ‘Right to Purchase’ in BC) describes a method of buying real estate using seller financing. The seller is your bank and legal title remains in the seller’s name, but you, as buyer, now own a 100% beneficial interest in the property.

You can use an AFS whether the seller has clear title or a mortgage. Perhaps more likely, at least in a depressed economy, you will find sellers with large mortgages perhaps even equal to or very close to the complete purchase price.

If the seller has a mortgage, it remains in place—you do not ‘assume’ the mortgage. If you haven’t assumed, you don’t have to qualify! This strategy works great for people who have run out of financing options but still want to acquire more properties.

How do the payments work? You make payment to the seller on whatever they have lent you. The seller, if they have a mortgage, continues to be responsible for their own mortgage payment.

In this online Focus Workshop, we’ll walk you through every step of the AFS strategy, giving you all the tools you need to make your first deal!



Use the links below to navigate your way through the AFS Focus Workshop. It might be easiest to go through them in order, but that’s not a requirement. You should click the “Mark as Completed” box after you watch, listen, and/or read each unit, so that you’ll know what is done and what is still to do.

Module 1 Agreements for Sale

Seller financing is a great strategy for people who can't qualify for a conventional mortgage. The Agreement for Sale is a form of seller financing that used to be common across Canada, and it remains popular in Alberta and, to a lesser extent, in Saskatchewan.

In this course module, you'll learn how to take control of a property by way of Agreement for Sale, which allows the seller to be your lender.

Unit 1 AFS Manual and Documents
Unit 2 AFS: Introduction
Unit 3 Essential Step #1: AFS Education
Unit 4 Essential Step #2: AFS Marketing & Lead Generation
Unit 5 Essential Step #3: Deal Analysis
Unit 6 Essential Step #4: AFS Negotiation
Unit 7 Essential Step #5: Papering the AFS Deal
Unit 8 Essential Step #6: Managing The AFS Deal
Unit 9 Essential Step #7: Exiting An AFS Deal
Unit 10 Bonus Session #1: All Access AFS Q&A
Unit 11 Bonus Session #2: Creative Financing Panel