Rapid Cash Program

Creative Strategies for Real Estate Investing

The Rapid Cash Program (RCP) is a revolutionary approach for making money fast. By understanding and mastering these little known strategies, you will recognize the opportunities all around you. Don’t wait; get started today!


Use the links below to navigate your way through the RCP. It might be easiest to go through them in order, but that’s not a requirement. You should click the “Mark as Completed” box after you watch, listen, and/or read each unit, so that you’ll know what is done and what is still to do.

Module 1 Intro to RCP

Welcome to the Rapid Cash Program!

Unit 1 Introduction and Orientation
Unit 2 Documents: Manuals and Precedents
Module 2 Seven Steps to Success

Learn the seven essential steps to building a creative investing business. Regardless of which real estate strategy you gravitate towards, these same steps always apply!

Unit 1 Step 1 of 7: Education
Unit 2 Step 2 of 7: Marketing
Unit 3 Step 3 of 7: Analysis
Unit 4 Step 4 of 7: Negotiation
Unit 5 Step 5 of 7: Papering
Unit 6 Step 6 of 7: Managing
Unit 7 Step 7 of 7: Exiting
Module 3 Joint Ventures

Creative Joint Ventures connect a person with money to a person with knowledge. The partnership benefits both people, allowing a savvy investor to buy property using another person's money and to make them both a profit.

In this module, you'll learn how to find, structure, manage, and exit a successful Joint Venture.

Unit 1 Creative JVs: Introduction
Unit 2 Creative JVs: Pitches
Unit 3 Creative JVs: Documents
Unit 4 Creative JVs: Structuring and Protection
Unit 5 Creative JVs: Panel
Module 4 Rent-to-Own

Also known as a Lease Option, Rent-to-Own is an amazing way to buy and sell real estate with no money down and without having to get your own mortgage. Finding the right buyers and sellers can be tough, but this strategy is also an amazing way of helping people by creating win/win deals.

In this module, you'll learn how to find opportunities and qualified tenant-buyers in a consistent, legal, and safe way.

Unit 1 RTO: Education
Unit 2 RTO: Marketing
Unit 3 RTO: Analysis
Unit 4 RTO: Negotiation
Unit 5 RTO: Papering
Unit 6 RTO: Managing
Unit 7 RTO: Exiting
Unit 8 RTO: Success Factors
Module 5 Options

An Option-to-Purchase is simply a contract between someone who owns a piece of property and someone who wants to buy that property. The contract makes it so that the owner will only sell to that one buyer within a certain amount of time and/or for a certain amount of money. The buyer pays the landowner a fee for this privilege.

In this module, you'll learn how to buy and sell options as a way to make money in real estate.

Unit 1 Leverage the Option-to-Purchase
Module 6 Fixing and Flipping

One of the most common quick-turn real estate investing strategies is buying a run-down property for a low price and fixing it up to sell quickly for a profit. While simple in theory, Fix & Flip is tricky in practice.

In this module, you'll learn when, how, and why to Fix & Flip creatively.

Unit 1 Fix & Flip: Fundamentals
Unit 2 Fix & Flip: Building a Team
Unit 3 Fix & Flip: Finding Deals
Unit 4 Fix & Flip: Comparables and Exiting
Unit 5 Fix & Flip: Expert Advice and Contracting Panel
Module 7 Assignments

If your offer to buy a property has been accepted by a seller, you can sell your interest in the property by assigning the purchase contract to another person—for a fee. This strategy allows you to make money on the sale of a property without ever owning it or having to qualify for a mortgage.

In the this module, you'll learn legal and ethical ways to make money by assigning your interest in a property.

Unit 1 Assignments: Basics
Unit 2 Assignments: Exercise plus Q & A
Unit 3 Assignments: Case Studies plus Q & A
Module 8 Agreements for Sale

Seller financing is a great strategy for people who can't qualify for a conventional mortgage. The Agreement for Sale is a form of seller financing that used to be common across Canada, and it remains popular in Alberta and, to a lesser extent, in Saskatchewan.

In this module, you'll learn how to take control of a property by way of Agreement for Sale, which allows the seller to be your lender.

Unit 1 AFS: Introduction
Unit 2 AFS Manual and Documents
Unit 3 Essential Step #1: AFS Education
Unit 4 Essential Step #2: AFS Marketing & Lead Generation
Unit 5 Essential Step #3: Deal Analysis
Unit 6 Essential Step #4: AFS Negotiation
Unit 7 Essential Step #5: Papering the AFS Deal
Unit 8 Essential Step #6: Managing The AFS Deal
Unit 9 Essential Step #7: Exiting an AFS Deal
Unit 10 Bonus Session #1: All Access AFS Q&A
Unit 11 Bonus Session #2: Creative Financing Panel
Module 9 Bonus Material

Have you got questions? We've got answers!

The module includes several round tables and panels with Barry's Focus Team on topics like accountability, success factors, seller motivation, and creative financing. As a special bonus, you'll hear from internationally acclaimed motivational speaker Philip McKernan on the power of intuition. Finally, there is a lengthy question and answer period with Barry and and the Focus Team.

Unit 1 Accountability
Unit 2 Intuition
Unit 3 Panel: Success Factors for Creative Real Estate
Unit 4 Seller Motivation, Getting Started, and Building Trust
Unit 5 Panel: Creative Financing
Unit 6 Final Thoughts plus Mega Q & A
Module 10 Webinars: Support and Further Study

These audio and video recordings are from the support calls that followed from the live RCP workshop. Barry and his Focus Team cover a wide range of topics that feed into and emerge from Creative Strategies.

You'll learn about everything from RRSP mortgages to adding suites in single family homes, and from marketing to accounting. There's also helpful success stories and coaching on starting the Creative Investing journey through to getting that one damn deal done!

Unit 1 The Journey Begins
Unit 2 Mega Marketing
Unit 3 Building Credibility
Unit 4 Tax and Accounting
Unit 5 Marketing Strategies
Unit 6 What to Do When Feeling Stuck
Unit 7 The Value of Financing
Unit 8 Funding Creative Deals
Unit 9 Closing Your First Deal
Unit 10 Cross-country Checkup: RTO, Assignments, and AFS
Unit 11 Joint Ventures in Creative Strategies
Unit 12 How to Attract Money Partners for Joint Ventures
Unit 13 RRSP Mortgages
Unit 14 A Success Story
Unit 15 Secrets to Finding Motivated Sellers
Unit 16 Joint Ventures 2.0
Unit 17 Adding Suites to Single Family Homes
Unit 18 One Damn Deal Done!