Get Fast Cash Now and Build Equity for Later by Using the Rent-to-Own Creative Real Estate Investing Strategy!

Rent-to-Own (RTO) is a great way of creating win-win situations for you as a real estate investor and for a qualifying tenant/buyer. The ideal tenant/buyer is someone with good credit but who can’t qualify for a mortgage. You buy a house, but they live there and pay you rent with the option to purchase for market value later. The tenant/buyer usually pays the investor an option fee upfront, too!



Use the links below to navigate your way through the RTO Focus Workshop. It might be easiest to go through them in order, but that’s not a requirement. You should click the “Mark as Completed” box after you watch, listen, and/or read each unit, so that you’ll know what is done and what is still to do.

Module 1 Intro to the 7 Essential Steps

This course module introduces Barry's 7 Essential Steps to mastering a new real estate investing strategy. Once oriented, you'll find it easier to navigate through the rest of the course.

Unit 1 Step 1: Education
Unit 2 Step 2: Marketing
Unit 3 Step 3: Analysis
Unit 4 Step 4: Negotiation
Unit 5 Step 5: Papering
Unit 6 Step 6: Managing
Unit 7 Step 7: Exiting
Module 2 Rent-to-Own

In this course module, you'll learn how to find and qualify folks for Rent-to-Own. You'll also learn how to manage and exit the deal. As a form of Lease Option, the paperwork is extra important to making this strategy work, which you'll learn all about.

Unit 1 RTO Manuals, Precedents, and Documents
Unit 2 RTO Step #1: Education
Unit 3 RTO Step #2: Marketing
Unit 4 RTO Step #3: Analyis
Unit 5 RTO Step #4: Negotiation
Unit 6 RTO Step #5: Papering
Unit 7 RTO Step #6: Managing
Unit 8 RTO Step #7: Exiting
Unit 9 RTO Success Factors