Over the years, I have put together many resources to help people successfully invest in real estate. Use the links below for more information and to purchase these essential home study kits!

Rent-to-Own Success in Canada

Rent-to-Own is one of the fastest growing and lucrative niches inside the realm of Real Estate Investing. This strategy can produce a full-time income with only part-time effort… but there can be some serious landmines if you don’t know what you are doing and we will show you how to avoid them!



Deal Ready Documents

This course has everything you need to know about structuring creative real estate deals legally, ethically, and for incredible profits. It will eliminate all of the mystery and confusion surrounding quick-turn real estate and show you exactly how to generate fast cash with strategies that are proven to be both low-risk and effective. Includes over 25 documents that will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.


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Focus on Due Diligence

The comprehensive guide to assessing those critical issues and opportunities. Before you buy a property, ‘check under the hood’… know what to look for to avoid the lemons!


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Focus on Writing Offers

You must write an offer in order to buy real estate. Do you know how to avoid the costly mistakes? Everything you wanted to know about building a real estate empire, but were afraid to ask.


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97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors 2.0

Whether you are a beginning investor or own a portfolio of residential properties, 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors, 2nd Edition provides you with insights, strategies and success stories to build your wealth according to a proven system. Investors will learn about how to adapt to shifting market conditions, and financing and marketing strategies designed to improve cash flow and attract long-term tenants.

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