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Discover the Little-Known Strategies to Make Money Quickly in Real Estate – Even if You Don’t Have Cash, Can’t Qualify for Financing, and Have Little (or No) Experience

Top Canadian Real Estate Lawyer, Educator and Investor Barry C. McGuire Reveals 6 Creative Real Estate Strategies that Generate Rapid Cash to Fund Bigger Deals, Pay for Your Desired Lifestyle … and Be a Force for Good in the World.

Do you want to make money in real estate investing, but you:


  • Don’t have enough cash to buy properties outright?
  • Can’t qualify for financing thanks to stricter financial “stress tests” required by lenders?
  • Are nervous about the capital and long-term commitment needed to succeed with traditional buy-and-hold investing?

I’m glad you made it here.

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Meet Barry

Hi, I’m Barry C. McGuire, one of Canada’s leading real estate investors, real estate lawyer, best-selling author, and a real estate educator.

  • I’ve been investing in real estate for 50 years.
  • My Alberta-based legal practice has been focused exclusively on real estate for the past 45 years. (I’ve been a lawyer since 1975.)
  • I speak regularly throughout Canada, including for the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), and teach a series of Focus Workshops for Canadian real estate investors.
  • I host a popular podcast, “Tales From The Trenches,” which features real-life stories of investor legal land mines.
  • I’m co-author of the best-selling “97 Tips For Canadian Real Estate Investors,” publish a newsletter for real estate investors, and have written several home-study courses for real estate investors in Canada. (Read more about me here if you’d like.) 50

I don’t share this to impress you, only to let you know I’ve seen it all, done most of it, and can tell you with 100% confidence that…

You’re right: It IS harder to make money in real estate investing than it was even a few short years ago.

Wary of rising debt levels and consumer risk, not to mention money laundering and fraud, lenders have made it much harder to qualify for financing.

So if you’re frustrated because great deals keep slipping through your fingers due to a lack of financing, you’re not alone.

But there is a solution that will allow you to:

  • Generate cash quickly to fund those promising deals you keep finding.
  • Build a highly profitable real estate investment business – without ever doing “buy and hold” if you don’t want to.
  • Quit the 9-to-5 grind and become a full-time real estate investor … so you can have the freedom, flexibility, and income you want.
  • And make a positive impact on your community while you’re building your business.


The Secret? Creative Real Estate Investing

Most people think “real estate investing” means “buy & hold” — where you buy properties, pay down the mortgage with cash generated by renting the properties out, and then sell years later.

Buy & hold is a critical foundation for any long-term real estate investment plan. But to make money with this business model, you need access to funding AND time for your assets to appreciate.

You may not have the luxury of waiting years before generating a return from your long-term holding strategy…

And, in our current market, you may not even qualify for traditional financing to put long-term buy & hold deals together.

With access to traditional financing limited, investors are seeking new ways to finance deals themselves and generate cash quickly. That’s why interest in creative real estate investing has surged in recent years.

What Is “Creative” Real Estate Investing?

Creative real estate investment is a vital, but often misunderstood, approach to real estate investing that can help you increase your cash flow in a matter of weeks or months.

Creative real estate investment strategies:

  • Are short-term vs. long-term. Some investments might be done – start to finish – in a matter of weeks (vs. 20 to 30 years for the average buy & hold).
  • Generate cash now or in a much shorter time than traditional buy & hold – for some, in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Often involve doing deals with no money down and/or using Other People’s Money.

The key to success with creative real estate is understanding the strategies and how they work, so you recognize opportunities when they appear. The trick lies in uncommon—but perfectly legal—methods of buying and selling property.

That’s where I can help…

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Introducing Barry C. McGuire’s Rapid Cash Program for Creative Real Estate Investing

My Rapid Cash Program is built on Canada-specific, quick-turn strategies proven to generate as much as $10,000–$50,000 profit on each deal.

The Rapid Cash Program delves into 6 creative real estate strategies … explaining what each is, how the strategies work, and how to execute each type of deal.

You’ll learn about:

  1. Rent-to-Own (a.k.a, Lease Options)
  2. Creative Joint Ventures
  3. Assignments
  4. Agreements for Sale
  5. Options
  6. Fix and Flip

By the time you complete the program, you’ll understand:

  • How each strategy works … and the pros and cons of each
  • Marketing strategies to attract the right deals and leads
  • The right way to explain or “pitch” your deals
  • How to qualify your prospects
  • The steps to create a successful system and actually close deals
  • Most importantly, how to recognize and take advantage of all these creative real estate strategies.

I’m Ready to Start!

My Focus Workshops – including the Rapid Cash Program — grew out of a Creative Real Estate seminar given by U.S. real estate guru, Ron LeGrand.

At his seminar, my job was to make sure Ron’s teaching fit for Alberta. After his seminar, I had a lot of requests to prepare documentation specific for Alberta. So, that’s what I did, and those documents became the foundation for my first creative strategies workshop, Deal-Ready Documents.

Having specialized in real estate law for more than 3 decades – and having used the strategies in addition to buy & hold for more than 40 years – I knew what worked, what didn’t … and how to structure deals to minimize risk and close quickly.

I began sharing and teaching what I knew, so that people who were serious about real estate investing in Canada had the clear guidance and resources they needed to generate cash, build thriving businesses, and create the lives and impact they’ve always dreamed of having.

Which brings me to…

The Most Important Reason to Use Creative Real Estate Investment Strategies

I’m a business owner. I understand that the entire point of owning a business is to make a profit, and I’m sure you do, too.

But as the saying goes, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” Making money just for the sake of being wealthy doesn’t do it for me, nor is it the driving motivation for my students.

I teach and use creative real estate investing in my own business because these are relatively easy ways to make money rapidly.

But what I love most about creative real estate investing is that real success comes from helping people. 

The world is full of people who need help getting back on their feet and/or taking the next step toward their dreams. As a creative real estate investor, you are in a powerful and unique position to help them.

For example:

  • When you use Rent-to-Own, you’re offering hope and help to people who dream of owning a home, but can’t qualify for a mortgage because of divorce, self-employment or other reasons.
  • When you apply your Agreement for Sale expertise, you can offer relief to sellers who are underwater and desperately need to exit a sticky situation.
  • When you use Options and Assignments (Wholesaling), you can make money on the incredible deals you find, even when you don’t have the bandwidth to handle them yourself. And along the way, you help a landowner make money on a sale and connect another investor with a property that they can leverage to expand their business.

And you can have an even bigger impact on the world when you use your profits to support your favorite charities and not-for profits.

One of our students specializes in Rent-to-Own for the homeless. Another started a side business teaching what she knows about real estate investment in Nigeria. Yet another starts a charity that distributes bicycles – a key form of transportation – in Jamaica.

I’m Ready to Start!

“You can go to the “School of hard knocks” and speculate with real estate–OR you can connect with great leaders, educators and investors like Barry and Donna.  Learning and networking within their courses is an invaluable resource for any real estate investor who is serious about growing his/her portfolio.”

~ Debbie Kennedy

Discover 6 Creative Real Estate Investment Strategies Beyond “Buy and Hold”

The Rapid Cash Program explains the ins and outs of 6 proven creative real estate investment strategies.

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Creative Real Estate Investment Strategy #1: Rent-to-Own (a.k.a. Lease Options)

This strategy is an incredible way to buy and sell real estate with no money down and without using your own credit. But exactly how do you find buyers and sellers? You’ll discover how to do these deals quickly, consistently, legally, and safely, including:

  • How to spot a lease option opportunity that others don’t see
  • Secrets for analyzing properties to give you complete confidence in your decisions
  • Lead generation techniques that bring willing buyers and sellers out of the woodwork
  • What to look for in a tenant-buyer
  • How to qualify your tenant-buyer, reducing drama, headaches, and risk
  • Exactly what to say to prospective sellers and tenant-buyers
  • How to write win-win deals with proven templates that are legal and binding
  • Techniques for managing your property effectively and profitably (hint: it’s a lot less time-consuming than traditional buy-and-hold deals!)
  • How to systemize your business to bring you a steady stream of potential deals
  • And much more!

Creative Real Estate Investment Strategy #2: Creative Joint Venturing (JV) Deals

Unlock the secrets of attracting Other People’s Money to fund your real estate investments. This is easier than it sounds—if you know the proven secrets we’ll reveal, including…

  • How to attract people with money to invest who are looking for someone with expertise to help them make those investments.
  • Savvy structuring strategies—if you structure your deals properly, you may never have to qualify for a mortgage again.
  • How to do due diligence on a JV partner to be sure the partnership will be a good fit.
  • Writing your agreements so that they protect all parties.
  • Tips for managing the JV long after the papers are signed, so that you and your partner can continue to do profitable deals for years to come.
  • And much more!

Creative Real Estate Investment Strategy #3: Wholesaling Secrets (Assignments)

Selling real estate by way of Assignment is a fantastic opportunity to generate cash with little capital or credit. The idea is to make money by assigning a real estate purchase contract with an accepted offer—without ever actually owning the property. All you need is motivation and some specialized knowledge, such as:

  • How to write a purchase contract that allows you to assign your interest in a property
  • How to protect yourself in the transaction and reduce your risk
  • How to ensure you get paid for Assigning (selling) your agreement
  • 3 basic scenarios when Assignments should be used
  • Why lenders and title companies don’t like assigned contracts … and how to calm their fears
  • How to write a purchase contract to give yourself flexibility
  • 4 potentially dangerous pitfalls to avoid when doing assignments
  • And much more!

Creative Real Estate Investment Strategy #4: Agreement for Sale Deals

This is another sophisticated strategy that lets you get into properties with little to no money down that few real estate investors are taking advantage of. (It’s very common in the prairies, and lesser known in other provinces.)  An Agreement For Sale (AFS) is a strategy where the buyer takes control of the property using seller financing. You’ll learn:

  • How to generate leads for AFS deals—including what to look for in a potential seller.
  • Detailed scripts to follow when you are talking with a qualified seller (You will know exactly how to answer all their potential questions with confidence and clarity).
  • How to do due diligence on an AFS to be sure your deal is a true winner.
  • How to determine your seller’s motivation and construct true win/win deals.
  • How to manage your AFS so that the deal continues to be effective and profitable.
  • And much more!

Creative Real Estate Investment Strategy #5: Options

Options (or options to purchase) can be one of the simplest real estate investment strategies. An option is simply a contract between a landowner and someone interested in purchasing the property. The option holder pays the landowner a sum of money in return for the right to purchase the property. An option is a contract by the owner to sell at a fixed price for a fixed period of time.  AND the owner can’t sell to anyone else! You’ll discover:

  • 5 ways you can use an option to control a piece of property
  • The one specialist you must hire if you want to use options
  • What to verify with a landowner before finalizing an option
  • Why options are more saleable and attractive than lease-options, agreements for sale, and joint ventures
  • The biggest mistake to avoid (do this, and your option becomes worthless)
  • And much more!

Creative Real Estate Investment Strategy #6: Fix and Flip

Fix and Flip is the most popular quick-turn real estate investment strategy and the subject of thousands of books and dozens of TV shows. The romanticized urban myth is that fix and flip is a surefire path to easy money.

The reality is, though, that fix and flips can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing and you aren’t good at managing timelines, cash flow, and expenses. Discover what it takes to succeed with this business model and how to manage your risk, including:

  • Signs that the property you’re considering is in the right market
  • The “Warren Buffet” rules to investing wisely in fix-and-flip properties
  • 3 critical outcomes that should be the focus of every fix-and-flip deal you do
  • The one element that makes or breaks your ability to succeed with this strategy
  • 8 key professionals you need to have on your fix-and-flip team
  • The most surprising thing you need when determining which properties to invest in
  • 7 ways to find good properties for fix-and-flip deals
  • Tips to get the most bang for your buck when doing renovations
  • And much more!

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Is the Rapid Cash Program Right for YOU?

Have you:

  • Ever required an infusion of cash in your life?
  • Wanted to buy properties with little to no money down?
  • Been looking for purchasing alternatives to the bank?
  • Wanted to buy more properties, but hit the ‘financing wall’?
  • Found the deal of the century but did not have access to the capital to buy it?

The Rapid Cash Program walks you through 6 creative real estate investing strategies that will provide the infusion of money you need to fund buy and hold properties – and build a thriving real estate investment business.

More importantly, it offers a path to create the life you’ve always dreamed of living, where you:

  • Have the time freedom and flexibility to design your business around your life … rather than continuing to squeeze your life around the huge demands of your job.
  • Experience the excitement and confidence of knowing that you are taking control of your financial destiny – the sky is the limit!
  • Can make a huge impact on the world through your work. Safe, comfortable shelter is a basic human need. Many of the Rapid Cash Program creative real estate investing strategies are win-win, allowing you to make a nice profit by helping other people secure the housing they desperately need and seek.

These creative real estate investment strategies are used throughout Canada by brand-new real estate investors who are putting together their first deal to make extra money, as well as experienced investors who want to generate more cash to invest into their existing buy & hold strategy.

If you’re ready to make money rapidly in creative real estate investing, let’s do this together.

I’m Ready to Start!

“Amazing!! Lots of new and creative strategies, meeting with like-minded people, the network, the knowledge, all absolutely amazing! From sitting on the fence about going into residential real estate to actually completing a deal within 6 months, no better proof of results than that!! Barry and Donna are down-to-earth, practical people who make it easy to learn and bring people together about something they are themselves passionate about!”

~ Asif Virani

Here’s What the Rapid Cash Program Includes

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42 Training Videos from the Rapid Cash Focus Workshop (A $3,995 Value)

Filmed at a live, 2-day Rapid Cash Focus Workshop, these videos are chock-full of practical information and expert coaching. My Focus Team and I explain the Creative Strategies step-by-step and answer frequently asked questions. We also show you potential pitfalls to help reduce your risk. A seat at this live event retails for $3,995, and you’ll get access to the recordings when you enroll in the Rapid Cash Program.

42 Audio Versions of the Rapid Cash Focus Workshop Videos (A $1,000 Value)

Ideal for on-the-go listening, these audios give you a second way to access to the entire 2-day Rapid Cash Focus Workshop.

3 Information-Packed Manuals with nearly 1,000 pages on Creative Real Estate Investment Strategies (A $2,400 Minimum Value)

You’ll receive nearly 1,000 pages that explore these creative real estate investment strategies in depth. These fully searchable digital guides are an invaluable resource for going as deep as you want on Creative Strategies.

You’ll receive:

  • AFS: Agreements For Sale (sells for $947)
  • Rent To Own Home Study Kit (sells for $947)
  • Rapid Cash Master Manual Featuring Joint Ventures, Assignments, Fix & Flip, and more (sells for $994)

18 Continuing Education and Support Webinars (A $3,600 Value)

Dive deeper into key areas of building a thriving creative real estate investing business, such as marketing, funding, mindset and more. Tune into the recordings of these 18 hour-long support webinars as my Focus Team and I discuss real life examples, answer questions, and add more valuable info on Creative Strategies. Click here to see a full list of the webinar topics.


Plus, Receive 5 Bonuses to Save Time and Money Implementing These Creative Real Estate Investment Strategies

BONUS #1: Brand-New, Updated Legal Templates (A $7,500 Value)

The correct legal paperwork is vital for ensuring smooth, trouble-free transactions, as well as protecting your assets.

You’ll receive professionally written and updated legal templates for your most common real estate transactional needs, such as an agreement for purchase and sale, a low-equity/no-equity financial schedule, financing schedules for buying and selling, power of attorney, option to purchase, and more.

When applicable and appropriate, you’ll receive templates that are customized to the particular laws and regulations of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan AND applicable in other provinces.

You’d pay at least $7,500 to hire a lawyer to create these templates from scratch – and even more to have a lawyer prepare these documents for each purchase or sale. But when you register for Rapid Cash today, you’ll get current templates for free.

Share them with your lawyer to save thousands on legal fees … and even fill in the templates on your own for every transaction you do, so your lawyer can simply review the documents you draft.

BONUS #2: 12-Step Agreement For Sale Checklist (A $250 Value)

To turn new properties into cash-producing machines quickly, a lot need to happen in a short period of time. Use this handy 12-step checklist to ensure you remember everything.

The checklist was created by Andrea, a member of our Focus Team who is a global entrepreneur, real estate investor, teacher, coach, mastermind facilitator and mentor. Andrea has transacted more than 50 Agreements For Sale, 35 Rent To Owns, several renovation and flip properties, assignments and many long term buy and hold properties. She’s distilled her process into this powerful document.

BONUS #3: Fix and Flip Checklist (A $250 Value)

The profit you generate by flipping properties hinges on your ability to complete renovations and execute an exit strategy swiftly. This detailed checklist, created by an experienced fix-and-flip expert, spells out all you need to do in three clear phases.

BONUS #4: Index of Creative Real Estate Lawyers (A $250 Value)

Lawyers are an essential part of your team. But not just any will do. If you don’t want to be paying hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars for a lawyer to research the laws regarding the unique types of deals you’ll be doing, you want to work with lawyers who are familiar with quick-turn real estate. We’ve done the hard work of compiling a list of lawyers, conveniently organized by province (Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan).

BONUS #4: Private Community Membership ($PRICELESS)

When you enroll in the Rapid Cash Program, you become part of our close-knit community of Canadian real estate investors. You’ll discover that we’re a fun and loving group who will be here to cheer you on, lift you up, help you correct your course when needed, and share our hard-won advice from the thousands of deals we’ve done collectively.

More importantly, you’ll find that we’re a group of people who are dedicated to using creative real estate strategies to fund our desired lifestyles. Like you, we cherish freedom, flexibility and the potential to generate any income we want. Income that we use to travel, buy our perfect homes and cars, pay for our kids’ education and fund our retirements … and to help make the world a better place.

BONUS #5: Lifetime Support ($PRICELESS)

My Focus Team is an elite group of highly vetted and trained Rapid Cash students who have proven their mastery of these creative real estate investment strategies in real-world deals. They join my wife and business partner, Donna, and I in supporting all of our students – including you. We will be here to answer your questions, share resources, and offer guidance – for life.

“The education and documents I received at your course have helped advance my business immensely over the past year. Options, Agreement for Sale and Lease Options have all been put to good use (and profit). Highly recommended, fantastic value.”

~ Gord Daniel


I’m Ready To Start

A Positive ROI With Your First Deal – in as Little as 8 Weeks

The creative real estate investment strategies you’ll discover in the Rapid Cash Program are designed for short-term profits. Although we can’t promise what results you’ll experience, we can share that students have generated profits as high as $10K to $50K – in as little as 8 weeks.

That’s money that you can use to:

  • Reinvest in more creative real estate investment deals.
  • Finance long-term buy & hold investment properties.
  • Replace your income, so you can quit your job to become a full-time real estate investor.
  • Treat yourself and your family to some “extras,” such as a luxury vacation or your dream car.
  • Fund your favorite causes or charities – or even start your own not-for-profit or foundation.

Your Investment Is Backed by a 30-Day Total Delight Guarantee

Take the next 30 days to go through the entire Rapid Cash program. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact us for a full refund of your investment.

Why New and Experienced Canadian Real Estate Investors RAVE About Barry McGuire’s Rapid Cash Program

“Where does one begin to describe the level of education that can so radically change one’s life? The practical tips, the current and relevant forms, workbooks, the support and access to help all align with Barry’s (and Donna’s) values of offering a true Canadian course on creative real estate solutions. They are very generous with their knowledge and time. They desire to see you be successful – without constant upselling to take another course to get the “real secrets”. They share the secrets!! If you are wanting to grow your real estate business there isn’t anyone else that teaches it better than Barry. You can’t afford NOT to take his courses!”

~ Shelley Visser

“If you are a real estate investor anywhere in Canada Donna and Barry McGuire’s Rapid Cash Program and Agreement for Sale courses are an essential part of your education. I learned so much about assignments, rent-to-own and agreement for sale that it opened up a whole new world of opportunity that I never knew existed. If you ever came across ads for real estate investing telling you how you can invest with no money and no credit – well these are some of the creative ways you can do it. This will be one of the rare instances in life where the value you get will far exceed the small price you’d pay to attend. Barry is a LAWYER!! with over 25 years of experience. How often do you get to say that about your instructor. It simply doesn’t get any better. What’s more they are genuinely interested in your success. I’ve received so much ongoing support above and beyond what I originally payed for that the additional support material alone may be worth more than what I payed to attend. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the amazing program and community they have created. Thank you so much Donna and Barry! 🙂 If you’re on the fence, DO IT. Take the program. You will be so glad that you did.”

~ Jay Vettivel

“Barry and Donna are a dynamic duo who help educate and mentor investors on creative ways to buy real estate. They are not out to make huge profits or sell you on a dream. But rather help guide you while educating on real life scenarios. The Focus Series has changed the way I view purchases and opportunity. Highly recommend the focus series and the member family it’s become.”

~ Daphne & Rémi Noël

“I have been extremely fortunate to have attended the Agreement for Sale Course and the Rapid Cash Program. Both courses have been a game changer for my REAL Estate Investing Journey! I would highly encourage anyone who wants to learn about creative real estate strategies to attend one of amazing courses that Barry and Donna offer. They are beautiful souls and support you all the way! Blessed to have met them! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!”

~ Kunal Mohindra

“If you’re interested in learning about investing in Real Estate in creative ways you’ve never imagined, this focus series is for you. Follow up is top notch: have questions answered by the experts usually within minutes. Manuals and sample legal documents for those in Ontario as well. Organized by an amazing couple who know their stuff. Don’t hesitate in opting into this education!”

~ Linda Vittorini

“I have known Donna and Barry for over twelve years, and their Focus Series events are top-notch.  Well run/organized, and the feedback that I hear from other like-minded real-estate investors is that the return on investment of time/money for training is second to none.  To the point where there are a lot of repeat attendees. They foster an environment of sharing, a “how can I help?” environment between the groups, whether live at session or within the FB group.”

~ Neill Taniguchi

“We have spent a lot of time with Donna and Barry McGuire at various Focus Series events, and along the way we have learned a ton about creative strategies that every real estate investor should know. Within just a few months after beginning this education, we have been able to recognize and act on opportunities to solve real problems for people that felt genuinely stuck. The Focus Series events are fun, engaging, well facilitated, and most importantly have connected us with a community of helpful like-minded graduates in a supportive network who have been invaluable in helping us close our first few deals. The value of all of these events is extreme, all it takes is one deal to get a return that eclipses any workshop fees, and you can’t put a price on the feeling you get you are able to put together a creative and truly win-win deal!”

~ Kellen Westman

“Very good course, you learn how to do a deal start to finish, everyone there is very helpful to answer questions. Strongly recommend for anyone who invests in real estate.”

~ Fraser Dow

“Barry McGuire’s Focus Series courses are life changing if you’re investing in Real Estate. My husband and I have built our portfolio based on the methods learnt through his courses and would not be where we are without his training.”

~ Gabrielle Hillier

“Barry’s strength is taking a rather complex technical subject and explaining it in terms that anyone can understand. He’s also excellent at looking at how legal decisions impact our actions within the business. This is a rare talent!”

~ Drew Betts

“Before attending Barry McGuire’s training events, I was unclear. Now I feel much better! This course is a must for people who want to apply Canadian Quick-Turn (Creative) Real Estate strategies. My favourite part of this course? The AFS, Lease-Options (RTO), Options, the binder with all the information, and digital forms are all great!”

~ Ken Chu

“Prior to taking Barry’s program I had a tough time getting started. I lacked the confidence to get past the advertising stage and complete a deal. My fear always came down to the legal aspect, which document to use, and when or how to complete it. I was unsure how to protect myself in a deal.  After taking Barry’s programs, I gained the confidence to explore and then complete several Option deals.”

~ Terry Kruse

Just Do One Damn Deal – and the Rest Becomes Easy

Up until now … you may not have known how to get around the strict rules and regulations to qualify for financing.

Up until now … you may not have known that there were ways to make money in real estate investing without buying and holding properties.

Up until now … you may not have known how to generate quick profits from real estate investing if you didn’t want to wait for years.

But now you have no reasons not to start.

Creative real estate investing is the key to achieving your vision of starting a thriving real estate investing business. The Rapid Cash Program  will show you, A-to-Z, how to do it.

Your first investment is the hardest. That’s why we tell our students to just do “One Damn Deal.” After your first deal, everything becomes easier.

Let’s do this together. Get started today.

I’m Ready!

We’re rooting for you! 

Barry and Donna

Frequently Asked Questions About Barry McGuire’s Rapid Cash Program for Canadian Real Estate Investors

Q: I don’t have any cash to invest into real estate. Will this work for me?

A:  Yes. The creative real estate investment strategies you’ll learn in the Rapid Cash Program can work with no money down and/or using Other People’s Money. You make money by putting the deals together. You can get started today.

Q: I’ve never invested in real estate before. Will this work for me?

A:  Yes, as long as you understand that you need to put in the work. The creative real estate investment strategies you’ll learn in the Rapid Cash Program are a great way to invest in real estate if you have no money to invest yourself. They can also be less risky and stressful than buying and holding properties for years.

Just remember, this is called “Rapid Cash”, not “Easy Cash.” You have to put in the work.

If you have even a little bit of real estate investing experience, you’ll probably find it easier to understand and implement these strategies. If you’re brand new to real estate investing, you’ll have a longer learning curve. You certainly can use these strategies with success, but recognize that you have to be willing to learn and implement.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your real estate investment journey, enroll here.

Q: I’m an experienced real estate investor. Why should I care about “creative” real estate investing?

A:  The creative real estate investment strategies you’ll learn in the Rapid Cash Program are a great way to generate cash quickly. Use the profits from your “creative” deals to finance more buy & hold investments. Bolting these strategies onto your existing business are a great way to take your existing business to the next level, even if traditional lenders are limiting your access to financing.

Ready to generate cash for more deals? Get started here.

Q: I need cash quickly. How fast does this work?

A:  Faster than buy & hold, that’s for sure!

With buy & hold, you should be prepared to hold onto your investment for 20 to 30 years.

But the creative real estate investment strategies you’ll learn in the Rapid Cash Program, can put cash in your pocket in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.

Q: How much money can I make as a real estate investor?

A:  There is no way to tell you with any certainty or accuracy how much you’ll make. There are too many factors involved, and much depends on your ability, dedication and willingness to apply what you learn.

However, we’ve had students make up to $10K to $50K per deal with the creative real estate investment strategies you’ll learn in the Rapid Cash Program.

What I can tell you is that your first deal can easily pay for your modest investment into this course. And once you’ve done your first deal, future deals become much easier.

Ready to dive in? Get started here.

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