RCP Webinars

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Dive Deeper into Creative Real Estate Investing with 18 Rapid Cash Program Support Webinars

Training Webinar #1: The Journey Begins

Get expert advice on the first steps to translate your new knowledge into business-building action—and results.

Training Webinar #2: Mega Marketing

Join marketing expert Dave Dubois as he talks mega marketing strategy.

Training Webinar #3: Building Credibility

Discover how to demonstrate credibility to potential buyers or tenants.

Training Webinar #4: Accounting, Tax, & Structures (Oh My!)

Tune in as an accounting expert sheds light on the murky world of accounting, tax, and structures.

Training Webinar #5: Marketing Strategies for Success

Expert marketer Don Campbell gives advice on how to become a marketing “ninja.”

Training Webinar #6: What to Do When Feeling Stuck…

Three RCP students share their experiences and insights on how they got out of a rut and persevered to reach success. All three now own and/or manage many properties and are experienced in RTO, house flipping, and AFS.

Training Webinar #7: The Value of Financing

Let’s dive deeper into the documents needed for AFS (Agreements for Sale). Discover which methods work for AFS—and what doesn’t. We also touch on changing mortgage regulations and talk with a finance expert.

Training Webinar #8: Funding Creative Deals

Listen in as an expert real estate investor and mortgage broker talks about getting creative financing to keep from running into a cash flow problem like he initially did.

Training Webinar #9: Closing Your First Deal

3 RCP students who’ve just completed their first deal provide insight from the experience and the steps they took to get it done.

Training Webinar #10: Cross-Country Check-Up

Barry talks about RTO scenarios in an open discussion, also checking in on peoples’ progress with AFS and Assignments.

Training Webinar #11: Joint Ventures in Creative Strategies

Joint Venture experts give an overview of working with investment partners, how common JV really is, and tips for navigating negotiations.

Training Webinar #12: How to Attract Money Partners for Joint Ventures

Experts give a little perspective on working in the industry and persevering even when you aren’t seeing big results. Plus, discover how you can attract ideal money partners for JVs.

Training Webinar #13: RRSP Mortgages

Registered Retirement Savings Plans—what they are and how they can be used as a rapid cash plan.

Training Webinar #14: A Success Story

Meet one of the first RCP graduates who now is an award-winning real estate investor.

Training Webinar #15: Secrets to Finding Motivated Sellers

Review the 4 Pillars of Creative Real Estate Investment Success, and meet a guest expert who shares 7 secrets to find motivated sellers and buy houses under market value.

Training Webinar #16: Joint Ventures 2.0

Learn how to keep capital after you’ve raised it, as well as tips for managing and existing JVs.

Training Webinar #17: Adding Suites to Family Homes

Discover how to up value by adding secondary suites. This training delivers an overview of provincial regulations for investing, acquiring, and building.

Training Webinar #18: One Damn Deal Done

The first deal is the hardest. Get hard-won advice for how to get your first deal done so you can move forward.

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Add to cart – CAD $2,497.00