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Barry McGuire's Focus Series
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Real Estate Investor Dad
Real Estate Investor Dad
17:23 10 Jan 20
I’ve taken all of Barry and Donna’s courses. They’ve built the most amazing and supportive community of creative real... estate investors. They put everything into their courses and I’m forever in debt to them. Thank you so much 🙏read more
Brad Wotherspoon
Brad Wotherspoon
00:26 10 Jan 20
Learning from Barry, Donna, and the entire team they have of mentors and educators has been by far the single best... investment in becoming a knowledgeable and capable investor myself. The down to earth, real world education you receive from the programs offered leave you armed and ready to take action, and the continuous support after the program from the alumni is invaluable. Should ‘creative’ real estate investment strategies be something you want to add to your tool belt in Canada, this is your absolute best resource!read more
Jay Vettivel
Jay Vettivel
16:21 08 Oct 19
If you are a real estate investor anywhere in Canada Donna and Barry McGuire's, Rapid Cash Program and Agreement for... Sale, courses are an essential part of your education. I learned so much about assignments, rent-to-own and agreement for sale that it opened up a whole new world of opportunity that I never knew existed. If you ever came across ads for real estate investing telling you how you can invest with no money and no credit - well these are some of the creative ways you can do it. This will be one of the rare instances in life where the value you get will far exceed the small price you'd pay to attend. Barry is a LAWYER!! with over 25 years of experience. How often do you get to say that about your instructor. It simply doesn't get any better. What's more they are genuinely interested in your success. I've received so much ongoing support above and beyond what I originally payed for that the additional support material alone may be worth more than what I payed to attend. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the amazing program and community they have created. Thank you so much Donna and Barry! 🙂 If you're on the fence, DO IT. Take the program. You will be so glad that you did.read more
Daphne & Rémi Noël
Daphne & Rémi Noël
16:07 08 Oct 19
Barry and Donna are a dynamic duo who help educate and mentor investors on creative ways to buy real estate. They are... not out to make huge profits or sell you on a dream. But rather help guide you while educating on real life scenarios. The Focus Series has changed the way I view purchases and opportunity. Highly recommend the focus series and the member family it’s become.read more
Kunal Mohindra
Kunal Mohindra
16:53 03 Oct 19
I have been extremely fortunate to have attended the Agreement for Sale Course and the Rapid Cash Program. Both courses... have been a game changer for my REAL Estate Investing Journey! I would highly encourage anyone who wants to learn about creative real estate strategies to attend one of amazing courses that Barry and Donna offer. They are beautiful souls and support you all the way! Blessed to have met them! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!read more
Linda Vittorini
Linda Vittorini
20:10 22 Sep 19
If you’re interested in learning about investing in Real Estate in creative ways you’ve never imagined, this focus... series is for you. Follow up is top notch: have questions answered by the experts usually within minutes. Manuals and sample legal documents for those in Ontario as well. Organized by an amazing couple who know their stuff. Don’t hesitate in opting into this education!read more
Shelley Visser
Shelley Visser
04:17 19 Sep 19
Where does one begin to describe the level of education that can so radically change one's life? The practical tips,... the current and relevant forms, workbooks, the support and access to help all align with Barry's (and Donna's) value's of offering a true Canadian course on creative real estate solutions. They are very generous with their knowledge and time. They desire to see you be successful - without constant upselling to take another course to get the "real secrets". They share the secrets!! If you are wanting to grow your real estate business there isn't anyone else that teaches it better than Barry. You can't afford NOT to take his courses!read more
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Easy To Understand and Implement

Barry’s strength is taking a rather complex technical subject and explaining it in terms that anyone can understand. He’s also excellent at looking at how legal decisions impact our actions within the business … This is a rare talent!

—Drew Betts

Saves You Money!!

I gave my lawyer copies of all the legal agreements so she doesn’t have to charge me extra legal fees to draw them up from scratch!

I have been consistently using Barry’s 3-page Option To Purchase document with my tenant buyers and have not had any resistance or non-understanding from my tenant buyers’ lawyers.

Barry takes the time during his course to answer questions and explain in plain English what the documents are, making it easy for YOU to explain to both sellers and buyers.

—Andrea Warkentin

Clarity and Confidence

Before attending Barry McGuire’s training events, I was unclear. Now I feel much better! This course is a must for people who want to apply Canadian Quick-Turn Real Estate strategies. My favourite part of this course? The AFS, Lease-Options, Options, the binder with all the information, and the CD of forms are all great!
—Ken Chu

$34,000 Instant Cash Flow

Two of the documents that Barry created have helped me do about 10 deals, and one of those two accounted for $34,000 in cash I have pocketed from assignments. It was definitely worth the time and the cost for me.
—David Sandbrand

Real World Hands-On Training

Very necessary for moving forward with ‘Quick Turn’ and JV partnerships. What a great Focus Workshop! It was money well spent. I feel a lot more prepared for the real world.
—Dean Leischner

2 Deals with 2 New JV Partners

Barry McGuire is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced investment real estate lawyers around, and he presented his information in a very clear and easy to understand manner. This part of the workshop allowed me to build my confidence level dramatically.How has it directly helped me? One month after I had completed the workshop, I solidified two new real estate deals with two separate JV Partners, and I also have another JV Partner investing in an existing property… which frees up more of my own cash.

—Dale Popowich

Completed Several Option Deals

Prior to taking Barry’s program I had a tough time getting started. I lacked the confidence to get past the advertising stage and complete a deal. My fear always came down to the legal aspect, which document to use, and when or how to complete it. I was unsure how to protect myself in a deal.After taking Barry’s programs, I gained the confidence to explore and then complete several Option deals.

—Terry Kruse

Off to the Races

After learning about quick-turn real estate, I was off to the races… or so I thought. I soon found my first deal, but prior to closing, the sellers backed out. There’s no way to know for sure, but I’m certain it’s because I was so nervous and unprofessional when we were signing the paperwork.

Barry spends considerable time filling out the documents using excellent case studies. And it really pays off. Next week, I’ll take possession of my first true creative real estate property (Agreement for Sale entry and Lease-Option exit). This time around, thanks to Deal-Ready Documents, the paperwork was a complete no-brainer.

I felt like a total expert — and I’m sure I came across as one too!

—Travis McPhee

Profitable Strategies

The education and documents I received at your course have helped advance my business immensely over the past year. Options, Agreement for Sale and Lease Options have all been put to good use (and profit). Highly recommended, fantastic value.
—Gord Daniel

Pick One Strategy and Go Hard

Before I make my comments on the results of RCFP, I would really like to thank Donna McGuire for her dedication and time to put this all together.

After being through similar training 5 years ago and a new investor, I spent most of my time cold calling and didn’t have a clue what to do with the leads when they came in. Then, Barry rolled out his new “Deal Ready Documents” course, after which, I found myself visiting many sellers’ homes, as I now had the confidence to explain exactly how the deal would flow.Prior to Barry’s course I was finding every reason in the book not to visit, as it was never a perfect enough deal. I then started visiting many sellers’ homes, just to get the experience and I knew many of them were not going to be prospects, but that practice, over time, landed me a $40,000.00 cheque, which Barry’s office walked me through. The coolest thing about that deal was not actually the profit, it was the fact that Barry’s office did the whole deal up while I was away on my 2 month vacation in my wife’s home country of Thailand. I arrived back and received four times the amount of money I spent on my vacation!

This program is completely organized and well planned with the student in mind and not just to profit from newly motivated people with money. Donna and Barry have put this together knowing that they are dealing with real people and they truly want you to be successful.

Since taking this course and following the content, I’ve attracted 3 new Joint Venture partners and I was really just looking for Agreement For Sale (AFS) deals from sellers. Another home owner that I had conversations with did not want to do an AFS and then proceeded to put his home on mls.com with a realtor. Of course I had mentioned to him back then, that if your home doesn’t sell, I’ll be still here, give me a call. His home didn’t sell, he did call and we are meeting next week to sign a deal.

With the content, support and dedication involved in this course, I truly believe it was built for the new investor. If you’re new like I was, pick one strategy, use all the support provided here and just go hard at it.

Thank you Barry & Donna

—Gary Waddleton