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An Alberta Lawyer on Buying/Selling Property and Alternative Real Estate Investment Strategies.

This website offers free info to help you achieve success with real estate. You don’t have to be an investor to take advantage of all the great content here. Regular people buying and selling property can still benefit from knowing more about realty law! For many folks, their home is their single largest investment, so it doesn’t hurt to think like an investor—even if you only own one door.

This site gives you the inside scoop from a veteran Alberta property attorney who is also an experienced investor himself. If you need a real estate lawyer in Edmonton, get in touch with Barry McGuire now via the Contact Page!

Knowing about the law opens the door to exciting opportunities with Creative Strategies that aren’t common knowledge.

At some point, most people will need more than information and a “do-it-yourself” attitude; they will need a helping hand with the legalities of real estate. This website is thus also the hub for a suite of paid legal services, investing workshops, and related products. Read on to find out more, but first a bit about Barry and his team.

The Team

Barry C. McGuire (BA, LLB) is Senior Counsel at Field Law in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since April 1st, 2020. Previously, he practised law at RMLO LLP for 28 years. Barry is also your guide to thinking about Alberta real estate like an Investor Lawyer. With nearly 50 years of experience as an attorney, Barry’s practice emphasizes buying and selling houses, homes, condos, townhouses, apartments, acreages, and more. He is co-author of the national bestseller, 97 Tips For Canadian Real Estate Investors and is a sought-after speaker for investment, real estate, and law groups. Check out the great things attendees of his workshops are saying: Testimonials.

When he’s not practising law or coaching investors, Barry is an avid gardener, hockey player, family man, and bon vivant. He lives in Edmonton with his wife Donna, who provides administrative oversight of this website. Barry loves spending time with his niece Adrianna, the daughter he never had. His son Colin is a researcher in ethnomusicology, but he is also the content manager for this website.

How Can We Help You?

Most of the content of this website is free. You’ll find informative blog posts, podcasts, and videos. These include Tales from the Trenches, which are real life stories of Canadian real estate investors as both a podcast and blog. Through YouTube, Barry also presents his Focus on Real Estate series of quick tips.

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Barry is sharing his experience and expertise to help you make informed moves with real estate. He’s also making sure you know whom to call when you can’t do it yourself. Field Law is the venerable legal firm in Edmonton where Barry practices. Buying or selling real estate in Alberta and need a lawyer? Barry and the team at Field Law are your best choice. Click here for contact information.

If you have a thirst for more information about creative real estate investing with a legal edge, Barry’s Focus Series workshops are just the thing. These events are held regularly in Alberta, BC, and Ontario with more provinces to follow. They are in-depth and interactive in a way that a website can’t be. All Barry’s workshops also include take-home binders meticulously prepared by Donna McGuire. They are filled with detailed handouts, template documents, and/or supplementary readings. The Focus Series comprises great titles like Deal Ready Documents, Writing Offers, Joint Ventures, Rent-to-Own Success, Agreements for Sale, the always-popular Rapid Cash Program, and more. Make sure to follow the blog and/or social media pages to find out about the next event!

If you can’t attend—or can’t wait— for a Focus Series workshop, there are home study kits available. These can be found on the Shop page of this site . Many titles are already available, and others are in the pipeline. Check back for updates.

Barry is also available for interviews with media and as a guest speaker for events. If you need an expert on the law, real estate, and investing, then Barry is your guy.

Thanks for visiting ! Please take some time to check out everything the site has to offer because we’re confident you’ll find it helpful. Make sure to follow the blog using the links on the right-hand sidebar of this page. While you’re at it, subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and the videos through YouTube, as well as follow @barrycmcguire on Twitter and like Barry McGuire’s Focus Series page on Facebook.

Legal Disclaimer:

The content of this website is intended as general information and not individualized legal advice. The material in blog posts, podcasts, videos, and all other media is not intended to create, nor does receipt of it constitute, a lawyer-client relationship involving Barry C. McGuire or Field Law.

Plain English:
This is not legal advice and reading my website does not make me your lawyer!

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