Negotiating Tax on Real Estate Deals when the Seller Is not a Resident of Canada.

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Podcast Episode 124: “Non-Resident Taxes Part II.”

Like all things tax related, non-resident tax is complicated when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Canada. In February, 2016, I posted a lengthy blog on non-resident tax and how it can affect buyers, sellers, and realtors. Lots of liability and dangerous situations here, folks, so don’t treat non-resident tax lightly. If you have a non-resident tax situation, please read the previous post (link), and then dive into the case study below. This follow-up blog post provides a recent example from my Edmonton law firm (RMLO Law LLP), which I’ll use to show some principles that can be applied to non-resident tax issues in general.

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Timing in Real Estate: The Key to Avoiding Extra Legal Fees

Purchasing a New Home:
What Could Go Wrong?

Timing! I keep blogging about timing because it is one of the biggest problems for real estate transactions. Issues with timing are hugely stressful; they are the most common reason for an increased legal account. And, no one likes to pay more in legal fees than they thought they were going to have to pay!

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