How Much Money Can I Make Quickly in Canadian Real Estate?

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Podcast Episode 134: “Wholesale Home Run!”

For a change of pace, here is a positive Tale about a massive success in Canadian real estate investing. Longtime readers/listeners know that my Tales from the Trenches series is mostly about how buyers and sellers of real estate get themselves in trouble. It doesn’t matter whether folks are homeowners or whether they are investors, all aspects of real estate are full of minefields ready to explode. We look at those individual Tales, examine what went wrong, and then move on to the Lessons Learned. The best teaching moments are often in situations where problems arose, but sometimes that’s a bit gloomy and doomy.

This Tale of success comes from the creative real estate space. I use that term on my blog, in my podcasts, and especially in my Focus workshops to mean real estate investing using different, alternative, or unusual strategies. As much as I love long term Buy and Hold real estate investing, that’s not a creative strategy. What I mean are strategies like Rent-to-Own (RTO), Fix and Flip, Agreements for Sale, Wholesaling/Assignments, and Joint Ventures, both on their own and as they combine with the other strategies.

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