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A Closer Look at What You’ll Learn in the Rapid Cash Program Home-Study Kit


Creative Real Estate Investing as a Business

  • The 5 building blocks of successful quick turn real estate
  • The 7 essential steps to building a successful creative investing business
  • 5 key steps to maintain and grow your business
  • How to make (and keep) a weekly/quarterly accountability planner for peak productivity
  • 12 things to monitor each week so you hit your quarterly and annual business goals
  • 6 things to review each quarter to keep yourself—and your business—on track
  • The step that most real estate investors skip that will make or break your ability to turn your investments into a solid, thriving business
  • 6 questions to help you build a business foundation that is stable, sustainable, and long-lasting
  • How to systemize your business to bring you a steady stream of potential deals
  • 3 people you must have on your team … plus 6 additional specialists you’d be wise to invest in
  • 8 important steps to follow to ensure your real estate investments are a business, not speculation
  • The secret to success: your guide on life-saving organizational procedures to keep your business running smoothly



  • Winning marketing techniques and strategies to keep a steady stream of clients
  • The simple change that will boost recall for your marketing message by a whopping 31 percent
  • What a brand really is (most people get this wrong)
  • Everything that goes into building a powerful brand that lasts
  • Why most real estate investors gloss over the importance of marketing … and how you create stability in your business with a few simple decisions
  • 4 distinct type of leads you need to attract if you want a stable business
  • Lead generation techniques that bring willing buyers and sellers out of the woodwork
  • 2 rules you must follow to succeed in marketing—and where most real estate investors mess up
  • A simple formula to calculate the profitability of your marketing and advertising campaigns
  • 4 critical questions to ask before launching a new marketing campaign
  • The hands-down most important part of an ad
  • A unique marketing model that ensures you speak to only the most qualified and motivated prospects
  • Suffering from writer’s block? These 15 sample ads will get your juices flowing
  • An inexpensive way to get your message out to the general public—or to a specific target area
  • A surprising addition to your marketing tools that will make the rest of your marketing campaigns more effective
  • The proven, 4-step process to writing your marketing materials—even if you couldn’t write a letter to save your life!
  • 13 unbreakable laws of real estate copywriting to make your ads pull like a Clydesdale horse
  • 9 time-tested templates for fliers and letters you can model to market to your target audiences
  • 12 essential steps for effective social media marketing
  • Want to actually get your potential tenants’ attention? We show you 5 ways to write advertisements that work



  • How to spot a lease option opportunity that others don’t see
  • Secrets for analyzing properties to give you complete confidence in your decisions
  • All you need to know about creating a comprehensive financial analysis spreadsheet
  • 5 Steps to effective deal analysis
  • The most surprising thing you need when determining which properties to invest in


Fix and Flip

  • 5 mistakes that make house flipping a flop
  • The top 5 must-haves for house flipping
  • 6 tax tips that most renovators don’t know
  • 5 bonus fix and flip resources
  • 3 key fix and flip lessons from our graduates
  • Signs that the property you’re considering is in the right market
  • The “Warren Buffet” rules to investing wisely in fix-and-flip properties
  • 3 critical outcomes that should be the focus of every fix-and-flip deal you do
  • 8 key professionals you need to have on your fix-and-flip team
  • 7 ways to find good properties for fix-and-flip deals


Rent-to-Own (RTO)

  • What does Rent-to-Own mean anyway? Your complete rundown of what to expect
  • A full breakdown of need-to-know RTO technical industry terms
  • 3 Common RTO myths (and why you shouldn’t buy into them)
  • 7 Advantages of Rent-to-Own
  • 3 Proven Rent-to-Own strategies
  • How to utilize RTO to start joint venturing
  • Why joint venturing an RTO is a win-win-win for you, the investor, and the target buyer
  • Who is your ideal RTO candidate? Discover the 8 potential tenants you should look for
  • 7 ways to reach your target RTO candidates
  • What to look for in a tenant-buyer
  • How to qualify your tenant-buyer, reducing drama, headaches, and risk
  • 13 pieces of information every application must ask for
  • 3 components of a qualified tenant
  • 4 essential points (plus a secret 5th) you must consider before qualifying an applicant
  • The 6 components of a credit report
  • “Hard” vs. “Soft” credit inquiries and what to expect from each
  • 8 Steps to repair bad credit
  • Exactly what to say to prospective sellers and tenant-buyers
  • Techniques for managing your property effectively and profitably (hint: it’s a lot less time-consuming than traditional buy-and-hold deals!)
  • Building your perfect RTO power team—the 7 people you need on your side plus 1 surprising extra
  • What to look for in the ideal rent-to-own property
  • 32 FAQs about Rent-to-Own
  • Easy-to-follow guide for writing RTO Pre-Approval, Approval, and Decline letters
  • Your essential RTO checklist for smooth sailing
  • What an “Option” document is and why it matters for your RTO deal
  • 7 RTO worst-case scenarios and how to navigate them like an expert
  • Provincial rental rules and regulations (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario)


Agreements for Sale (AFS)

  • The ins and outs of Agreements for Sale
  • The 2 parts of closing an AFS deal
  • The 7 risks of an AFS
  • 8 Considerations to make before jumping into an AFS
  • The expert guide to AFS: 6 FAQs
  • The comprehensive AFS checklist to guide you through the dealing process
  • Approaching the bank when the seller has an existing mortgage
  • 3 steps to minimize the likelihood of the bank calling the mortgage due in an AFS
  • Savvy structuring strategies—if you structure your deals properly, you may never have to qualify for a mortgage again



  • How to write a purchase contract that allows you to assign your interest in a property
  • How to protect yourself in an assignment transaction and reduce your risk
  • How to ensure you get paid for assigning (selling) your agreement
  • 3 basic scenarios when assignments should be used
  • Why lenders and title companies don’t like assigned contracts … and how to calm their fears
  • How to write a purchase contract to give yourself flexibility
  • 4 potentially dangerous pitfalls to avoid when doing assignments



  • 5 ways you can use an option to control a piece of property
  • The one specialist you must hire if you want to use options
  • What to verify with a landowner before finalizing an option
  • Why options are more saleable and attractive than lease-options, agreements for sale, and joint ventures
  • The biggest mistake to avoid (do this, and your option becomes worthless)
  • The one element that makes or breaks your ability to succeed with options
  • The 3 types of option purchase contracts you’ll encounter and how to determine which is right for you


Creative Joint Ventures

  • Joint Ventures (JV): What it means from a legal and an investor perspective
  • The top 5 JV FAQs and answers
  • What to look for in a potential JV partner
  • How to prepare an impressive JV presentation that will entice—but not overwhelm—prospective investors
  • 7 Steps to the perfect JV pitch
  • How to attract people with money to invest who are looking for someone with expertise to help them make those investments
  • How to do due diligence on a JV partner to be sure the partnership will be a good fit
  • Tips for managing the JV long after the papers are signed, so that you and your partner can continue to do profitable deals for years to come



  • 22 Secrets for street smart negotiation
  • One of the best things you can do to protect your deal
  • 3 tips for smart negotiation
  • The exact language you can use to nail negotiations every time
  • 2 methods for exiting a deal and how to execute the best one for you



  • 6 vital pieces of information you need before preparing a caveat/notice
  • 4 key steps to provide clear instructions to your lawyer, so you can save time and keep your legal bills to a minimum
  • How to use deal-ready templates to fast-track the deal process (and the 1 catch to watch for)
  • 4 components to consider when approaching a lawyer for a new deal
  • 4 steps to streamlining your documentation process with your lawyer
  • How to write win-win deals with proven templates that are legal and binding
  • A full overview of the most current and effective documentation available
  • Writing your agreements and contracts so that they protect all parties

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