Wills and Estates in Alberta

Will and Testament

If You Can’t Afford a Will, You Can’t Afford to Die!

Did you know that in 2012 the law regarding Wills & Estates changed dramatically in Alberta?

Did you know that these changes are retroactive?

A colleague of mine who specializes in Wills & Estates, Avideh Musgrave, had a lot to say about these changes to the legislation that could affect you. “Barry, how can people use Will Kits?! Don’t they realize the mess they could be leaving their loved ones?”

Ever being the calm voice of reason, I opined as to how most people just don’t understand all that goes into Estate Planning. “Avideh, they don’t know. They believe what the ads say. If you want them to know the risks they’re taking by using a Will Kit instead of an experienced lawyer, tell them!” This guest blog post does just that.

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