Make Money Fast with Canadian Real Estate Investment

The Rapid Cash Program: Creative Investing Strategies for the Canadian Real Estate Market.

Want to know how to make quick money in Canada? Forget about cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum) or other get-rich quick schemes. Real estate investment is a tried and true way to increase your wealth. You don’t even need much money to get started— anyone can do it if they have the right knowledge, expertise, and resources! The Rapid Cash Program is a 6-month package that includes everything you need to start doing real estate deals. If you’re already convinced, click here to register now for the next Quick Start Focus Workshop that kicks off the Rapid Cash Program on April 7th and 8th, 2018 in Red Deer, Alberta. Or read on for more information.

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Don’t Lose Time and Money from Outdated Real Estate Documents!

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Podcast Episode 111:

“Keep Your Joint Venture Up-to-Date.”

In real estate, as in all facets of life, things change. A detailed contract or written agreement can protect your investments, but you’re still vulnerable if you don’t follow the terms exactly. A client of mine organized a joint venture with 15 investors to buy an apartment building in Alberta. They used a written Joint Venture to structure the deal, but later changed some aspects with only verbal agreement. This Tale is about what happened when one of the investors passed away and lawyers for the deceased’s estate began insisting on the original terms of the Joint Venture.

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Joint Ventures and Land Titles

Who’s on Title?

Two of our clients at RMLO Law LLP formed a typical Joint Venture (JV) to buy a property in Alberta with a brand new mortgage. One client was the “Investor” (the money-man). His JV partner was the “Finder”, (typically a person with real estate expertise and no money). In this case, the Finder had already purchased properties using every cent of his own money. He was out of borrowing capacity.

Part of their JV discussions was, “How should we take title?” Both clients understood that they had a few basic choices. Continue reading

Avoiding Joint Venture Regrets

“Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.”

Two of our clients at RMLO Law LLP decided to do a Joint Venture on an apartment building in Edmonton. The ‘real estate expert’ client had a lot of experience and already owned a number of apartment buildings in Alberta—all running very successfully. The ‘money partner’ client was relatively new to the real estate business. Projections were made, some data exchanged, and the Joint Venture went ahead.

Unfortunately, this particular apartment building did not work out nearly as well as the other apartment buildings already owned by our ‘real estate expert.’ Once things were not going according to expectations, both clients were unhappy with each other. Continue reading

Personal Responsibility in Cooperative Investing

Podcast Episode 86:
Joint Venture Blues.”

Partnering up can be a good way to buy more property, but you still have to be careful. As with everything in real estate, due diligence is essential in joint ventures. In this Tale, you’ll hear about the all-too-common mistake of not getting an inspection. You’ll also hear about how not vetting the finder/manager properly cost an investor big time.

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When to Walk Away from a Real Estate Deal

mortgage default foreclosure

Podcast Episode 82:
Diligence Time Bombs And Letters Of Intent.”

When trying out a new real estate investment strategy, it’s important to know when to walk away. In this Tale, an attendee of one of my creative investing workshops was ready to try an Agreement for Sale, and contacted me for help with a Letter of Intent. The deal turned into a Joint Venture, but there were too many red flags. Our investor walked away, and we can all benefit from the lessons learned!

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What to Do About Foreclosure

mortgage default foreclosure

Podcast Episode 75:
Help, I Can’t Make My Mortgage Payments!”

To mark the 75th episode of Tales from the Trenches, we have a Special Extended Edition all about foreclosures. This Tale is so packed full of helpful information that it had to be nearly half an hour long! The recent economic downturn in Alberta triggered by a collapse in oil prices means that many people are faced with a dilemma: what do you do if you can’t make your mortgage payments? It’s best to be proactive and not wait for the bank to come calling, and this Tale will help you figure out some options. We’ve also got some creative solutions for real estate investors that can help them keep their businesses above water in tough times.

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Joint Ventures, Corporations, and Disputes

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Getting Married Is Easy; It’s The Divorce That’s Tough!

Joint Ventures are a very popular topic with real estate investors, maybe the most popular topic. We all talk about them. Sooner or later most of us get involved in Joint Ventures.

In a nutshell, the basic Joint Venture is two people getting together to acquire a piece of real estate. The details of your Joint Venture are contained in a contract known as a Joint Venture Agreement or JVA. A good Joint Venture Agreement is very detailed and tailored to the circumstances and requirements of the participants in the JVA.

One major concern for all Joint Venture participants is, “how do we settle disputes”?

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Joint Venture Presentations


How Not to Overload
a Potential Joint Venture Partner

We all do it, overwhelm our potential new joint venture (JV) investor with paper and PowerPoints.

We know so much about our strategy and properties that we just can’t resist making sure our newfound potential investor really gets the picture. Statistics, charts and reams of detail are thrown at someone who doesn’t have a clue about investment real estate and joint ventures.

Five minutes after you start your one-hour presentation you can see their eyes glaze over. Uh oh, this isn’t going well… How about a different approach? Continue reading

A New Approach to Joint Ventures


Over the years I have worked on and drafted quite a number of Joint Venture Agreements (JVA).  Some people are comfortable drafting their own JVAs.  Some folks are more comfortable after taking my Deal-Ready Documents course.  However, for most folks, they want to get our help in finalising that JVA.  I would say the percentage is about one third DIY and two thirds where people are just more comfortable with a lawyer helping them out.

When someone wants some help with a JVA sometimes they say, “I’m okay with the agreement generally, but I need help with a few clauses”.  Or sometimes they say, “I’m attaching my template JVA, can you please review”?  My real estate partner Richard Bell and I used to help out with these requests, but we have decided that neither of these scenarios are completely satisfactory.  Why? Continue reading