How to Buy Property Without a Mortgage in Canada by Solving a Seller’s Problems

House on pile of money

Podcast Episode 135: “Win-Win Real Estate Investing.”

Here’s another success story from the lucrative Creative Real Estate Investing space. For would-be Canadian real estate investors, two of the biggest obstacles are building up cash for a deposit and qualifying for a mortgage. This Tale is an example of how one of our students creatively solved a seller’s problems while also acquiring properties with a minimal down payment and no mortgage.

Sound impossible? We’ve taught hundreds of investors in our live Focus Workshops and through our online Home-study Kits all about this kind of creative problem solving! Read/listen on to learn more about how our student did this deal, and sign up now for our next Rapid Cash Program on May 7th and 8th, 2022, in Calgary, Alberta or snag the Rapid Cash Program Home-study Kit any time.


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