Rapid Cash Program Webinar

Join our webinar on April 18th to learn about our upcoming real estate investing workshops in Edmonton and Toronto. The Rapid Cash Program will teach you creative strategies that can work in any real estate cycle to generate income and grow your portfolio. You’ll learn the secrets behind Canada-specific quick-turn strategies that will put you on the pathway to investment success!

Rent-to-Own in the USA

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Guest Post: Intro to Rent-to-Own in the United States, Including Investor Lawyer’s Thoughts on the Canadian Equivalent.

Rent-to-Own (sometimes called lease options) is a way of buying a home without taking on a mortgage, and versions of it have a worldwide presence. Our friends in the American real estate investing community have been working with Rent-to-Own for years. Now, Rent-to-Own is getting more attention in Canada as a Creative Investing Strategy. Furthermore, some Canadians are very interested in purchasing American properties using Rent-to-Own.

Today we are featuring a guest blog post from Ashely Lipman (see below), outreach manager for a Dallas, Texas-based rentals company called The Urban Avenue. She provides a short summary of Rent-to-Own in the USA, upon which I’d like to share some thoughts for my Canadian readers.

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Learn to Buy Property with Little-to-No Money Down!

Live Real Estate Investing Event in Calgary, Nov 17: Our New, All-Day, Dig-Deeper AFS Intensive Focus Workshop.

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I love Agreements for Sale (AFS)! It’s a seller financing strategy that is so, so relevant in today’s tough Canadian real estate market. AFS is a classic way of buying property with very little money out of your own pocket. On November 17th, we’re running a special AFS Intensive Focus Workshop, featuring comprehensive tools to help both new and established investors achieve financial success. Continue reading

How to Make Money Flipping Canadian Real Estate: Part II

Assignments Part II of II.

In this second instalment of a two-part series on flipping properties in Canada using Assignments, lets chat about some of the details. Knowing the details will give you a much better chance at a successful Assignment. If you missed Part I, you might want to read it first.

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How to Make Money Flipping Canadian Real Estate: Part I

Assignments Part I of II.

Contracts of Assignment, usually just called an ‘Assignment,’ are useful ways of making money with real estate. I’ve talked about them before (e.g., this blog and this video), but they’re worth revisiting in more detail because of their significance to the Canadian market. Sometimes known as ‘flipping’ a property, this is Part I of a two-part series on how Assignments work, with a focus on Alberta real estate.

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Avoiding Joint Venture Regrets

“Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.”

Two of our clients at RMLO Law LLP decided to do a Joint Venture on an apartment building in Edmonton. The ‘real estate expert’ client had a lot of experience and already owned a number of apartment buildings in Alberta—all running very successfully. The ‘money partner’ client was relatively new to the real estate business. Projections were made, some data exchanged, and the Joint Venture went ahead.

Unfortunately, this particular apartment building did not work out nearly as well as the other apartment buildings already owned by our ‘real estate expert.’ Once things were not going according to expectations, both clients were unhappy with each other. Continue reading

Success with Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing

Edmonton Alberta Fireworks with 100!!!

Podcast Episode 100:

“A Tale of Real Estate Investing Success.”

I’ve been doing Tales from the Trenches for 15 years. These are amazing stories from real estate investors, mostly from Alberta, Canada because that’s where I practice law. Tales began as a segment during meetings of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), which I continue to do. And then about 4 years ago, it became a podcast, too.

Lots of those stories are about mistakes made and lessons learned. Feedback tells me you find Tales not only interesting, but also very useful in organizing your own real estate rules and how you invest. I love doing Tales and you love hearing them.

We post Tales on my blog website, where we are at 99 podcasts and counting. The 100th podcast is a big deal, at least in my mind. But, what should I talk about? Fond reminiscing about doing 99 podcasts, how I love the feedback, how many folks we have helped, why that feels good… what to do?

Today the lightning bolt struck. I know what I’m going to say!

Of course, it’s a story. But, instead of a typical Tale about mistakes made and how to avoid those mistakes, this Tale is all about success. It’s all about an approach to real estate investing that has a high percentage chance of creating success. You can up your chances of trouble-free real estate investing by listening to this great story, a very positive Tale from the Trenches.


Download the audio file HERE.
Download the handout HERE.
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Agreements for Sale Workshop

Barry McGuire’s Focus Series Presents:
Agreements for Sale Focus Workshop

Saturday, June 17th, 2017  ** PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE **
Full-day event: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Element Vancouver Metrotown
5988 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia, V5H 2A7, Canada

Dear Real Estate Investor,

Have you:

  • Hit the ‘financing wall’ and banks are denying you more mortgages?
  • Ever required an infusion of cash into your real estate business?
  • Found the ‘deal of the century’ and had to walk away because you did not have access to the capital to buy it?
  • Wanted to buy properties with little to no money down?
  • Been looking for purchasing alternatives to the bank?
  • Heard about no money down real estate and wondered if it was true?
  • Wanted to buy more properties, but just aren’t sure how to get past your first one or two?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please read on…

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Advantages of Investing in Property

real estate rapid cash

Podcast Episode 84:
Why the Ultra-Rich Like Real Estate.”

Investing has its ups and downs. Real estate has some definite advantages in smoothing out the bumps. Ultra-rich people usually have some properties in their investment portfolios in order balance out the volatilities of stocks. Even if you’re not wealthy (yet!), the same advantages sought by the ultra-rich also apply to any investor.

Download the audio file HERE and the text/handout HERE.
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Buying Foreign Property

Watch Out Buying In Mexico…

A few years ago my sweetie pie Donna and I spent a lot of time in a little Mexican town called Melaque. We stayed in a beachfront Mexican hotel called the Santa Maria, at the time inexpensive and very friendly. Lots of other Canadians and Americans came down and stayed there for the whole winter. The non-operating hotel restaurant was right on the beach. All the hotel residents used it for their own cooking and for regular fantastic nights of potluck and entertainment. It was paradise!

Frequently the talk turned to, “wouldn’t it be great if we had a place down here.” Some people actually bought property going through a completely unfamiliar buying process. There was property also called ‘ejido‘ land. Continue reading