Make Money Fast with Canadian Real Estate Investment

The Rapid Cash Program: Creative Investing Strategies for the Canadian Real Estate Market.

Want to know how to make quick money in Canada? Forget about cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum) or other get-rich quick schemes. Real estate investment is a tried and true way to increase your wealth. You don’t even need much money to get started— anyone can do it if they have the right knowledge, expertise, and resources! The Rapid Cash Program is a 6-month package that includes everything you need to start doing real estate deals. If you’re already convinced, click here to register now for the next Quick Start Focus Workshop that kicks off the Rapid Cash Program on April 7th and 8th, 2018 in Red Deer, Alberta. Or read on for more information.

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Real Estate Investing in Small Towns

Podcast Episode 70:
Small Town Advantage.”

Smaller municipalities can be an ideal place to invest in real estate. This is particularly true if you focus on an area where there might be many opportunities and little competition. Prices are often lower in small towns, and even medium-sized cities can provide an advantage over big metropolises if you specialize in one neighbourhood or region. The key is that you need to become a local expert. Leverage your small town advantage to become a big asset for you as a real estate investor!

Download the audio file HERE and the text/handout HERE.
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Testimonials: Creative Quick-Turn Investing Strategies Workshop

Real Estate Investors Singing the Praises of
Barry McGuire and His Hands-on Training:


“$34,000 Instant Cash Flow”
Two of the documents that Barry created have helped me do about 10 deals, and one of those two accounted for $34,000 of cash I have pocketed from my assignments.

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This blog is a place to share my 40+ years of experience as a lawyer and real estate investor. My practice is based in Edmonton, Alberta, but much of the content here will be applicable to Western Canada and beyond. I’ll be posting useful information on the legal side of real estate investment as audio podcasts and full text handouts, both of which are based on my popular Tales from the Trenches presentations for the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). There will also be information about paying less tax when selling real estate or a business, upcoming events, and other exciting news.

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