When to Buy Real Estate

Buy Low, Sell High Is Still Smart; Here’s Why.

Trying to answer the question ‘should I buy now?’ is universal in the real estate world. Normally I write about Alberta real estate because I’m an Alberta lawyer, but I don’t think it matters if you live in Edmonton or New York, Calgary or London. It also doesn’t matter if you’re buying a home or looking for an investment property; their home is many folks’ biggest investment, so it’s smart to think like an investor.

People who want to own property have to make a calculated decision about when to buy. Obviously, there are lots of things that go into your decision-making, but let’s chat about something very important: the condition of the real estate market. Continue reading

Timing in Real Estate: The Key to Avoiding Extra Legal Fees

Purchasing a New Home:
What Could Go Wrong?

Timing! I keep blogging about timing because it is one of the biggest problems for real estate transactions. Issues with timing are hugely stressful; they are the most common reason for an increased legal account. And, no one likes to pay more in legal fees than they thought they were going to have to pay!

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Say No to Condos Less than 8 Units

Podcast Episode 61:
New Homes And Subdivision.”

Purchasing a new property before it is built is far more complex than buying an existing one. There are even more possible issues when subdividing and condominiumization are involved. Subdivision takes a long time and has many complicating factors. I don’t generally recommend small condos (i.e., less than 8 units.)

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Rules for Getting Mortgages

Buying Real Estate

Podcast Episode 60:
Timing and the Lender’s Sandbox.”

When you want a mortgage, you need to play by the lender’s rules. Be sure to disclose the facts of your application or risk losing your funding. Timing is key, so leave yourself extra room after removal of final conditions.

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