Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer Legal Fees Cost

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“How much are legal fees to buy and sell a house in Alberta?” This is the number one search, the question everyone wants answered. So, here are some answers based on my law firm (RMLO Law LLP), and some comments about how much it costs for real estate lawyer’s fees in Edmonton.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer in a Real Estate Transaction?

Focus on Real Estate: Quick Tips.

In this video, Barry explains what a lawyer does for you when you buy or sell real estate. Below are two of the highlights. If you need an Edmonton real estate lawyer, get in touch with Barry at RMLO Law LLP.

  1. A buyer’s attorney prepares the mortgage documents that lenders won’t let borrowers prepare themselves.
  2. A seller’s lawyer manages the money in a transaction to make sure that all outstanding debts or taxes are paid, which mean the seller receives their cash with no strings attached.

This is the next instalment of Focus on Real Estate with Barry C. McGuire, a series of videos that provides bite-sized pieces of real estate knowledge.

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I Don’t Really Need a Lawyer, Do I?

Podcast Episode 69:
“Lawyer? I Don’t Need No Stinking Lawyer!”

Experienced investors sometimes do real estate deals without the help of a lawyer. But even knowledgeable people can miss things that a professional wouldn’t! In this Tale, we have a seasoned investor who acted for himself when he bought a property, but got help from me when he was selling. I found a couple of things registered on the title that he wasn’t aware of. Lucky for him, it was quick and easy to have these removed, but it could have been much worse. If you are going to be your own lawyer, make sure to be even more diligent because you’ll be dealing without backup…

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Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

“Real Estate Matters:
Revealing a real estate lawyer’s role.”

The Edmonton Journal‘s Scott Bollinger has written a helpful series of articles called Real Estate Matters. In this edition, he breaks down what a real estate lawyer does, and why you need one when buying or selling properties. Link to the article: HERE.

The whole thing is worth a read, but two quotes stood out. The first is applicable in general: Continue reading