Wholesaling. What The Heck Is it? As a Real Estate Investor, Why Should You Care?

Wholesaling Is a Cross Country Strategy.

Wholesaling Focus Workshop 2023

All across Canada, there is a lot of talk about Wholesaling! From St. John’s to Vancouver, creative real estate investors are successfully using the Wholesaling strategy.

Here’s why wholesaling matters to real estate investors:

  • easy to get started
  • little or no money down
  • simple documentation
  • complements other creative strategies
  • very profitable, if done right

Did I say very profitable?

It’s a Simple Concept – Get Started Quickly, with Rapid Cash Results

Find an undervalued property. Get that property under contract. Sell your contract and earn a fee, (sometimes a five-figure fee and occasionally more).

What’s Not To Like??

Apparently nothing, because social media and the internet are full of Wholesale pitches.

What Makes Our Wholesaling Focus Workshop Different?

Why would you want to join us for a full day on Saturday, March 18th, 2023 in Calgary, Alberta?

  • Real estate lawyer taught. I have been a lawyer for 47 years!
  • Our Focus Team of successful real estate investors are there to support and share
  • Learn from real-life case studies
  • Documents, templates and checklist supplied in easy-access digital format
  • Role-playing and exercises to practice finding, negotiating and writing deals
  • Audio recording of the full day for future reference
  • 200+ page manual
  • We are educators, not coaches. There is NO UPSELL!  We won’t try to sell you anything, you’ll get all you need.

No running to the back of the room to bang your credit card after a frenzied upsell pitch. I am taking a bit of time to emphasize ‘no upsales’ because so many students have remarked that other events and courses seem to be about nothing but the upsell.

I am guessing this hits your investor happy buttons.

Join us in Calgary, Alberta on Saturday, March 18, 2023 at the Clique Hotel. We include a solid breakfast and full lunch to keep your energy up and encourage that all-important networking.

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