Agreements For Sale (AFS) Focus Workshop

An All-Day, Virtual, Real Estate Investing Event:
Saturday, August 22nd.

Now Is the Perfect Time for the Agreement for Sale Strategy.

The past few years of economic activity (or lack thereof), government ‘tinkering’ with the mortgage rules, and financial uncertainty, have created a perfect storm for using Agreements for Sale to invest in real estate.

Due to outside influences, and the ever-changing real estate market cycle conditions, Agreements for Sale have proven to solve many financing and marketing problems. Imagine being able to buy property without needing a mortgage and using little-to-no money down

There is a window open right now to create unique and profitable opportunities for savvy investors with the right knowledge and skills.

In my more than 45 years, I have not seen conditions as ripe as they are now for implementing the Agreement for Sale Strategy.

The conditions are ripe for the picking, but you will need to be educated and trained to take advantage of this open window of opportunity.

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“Speaker Training Coaching Board  School” image by Geralt used under a Pixabay License.