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RMLO Law LLP is a boutique law firm in Edmonton, Alberta, and our real estate department provides legal services to individuals, private businesses, and investors. Our mission is to offer our clients a unique experience that includes high quality legal work and effective results at a competitive cost, always applying our values of open communication, integrity, excellence, and creative value-added solutions. We are committed to people-centred counsel, as well as timely, efficient, and sophisticated representation in the legal matters surrounding property in Alberta.

Buying or Selling Alberta Real Estate?

Legal counsel is a smart idea whenever you buy or sell real estate in Alberta. But don’t take our word for it. Check out this article in the Edmonton Journal: “Real Estate Matters: Revealing a Real Estate Lawyer’s Role.”

This page addresses three important things when choosing a real estate lawyer:

  1. The type of law firm you want
  2. The cost of the lawyers’ fees
  3. The legal services you might need

Real Estate Law Firm in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

At RMLO Law LLP, we help folks—our clients—with all kinds of Alberta real estate transactions. Buyers or sellers, homeowners or investors, condominiums or apartment buildings, single-family homes or shopping centers, duplexes or townhouses, and everything in between. But, we especially like helping first-time buyers and sellers. So exciting for you and satisfying for us.

Your real estate can be anywhere in Alberta, doesn’t matter where. Since we are located in Edmonton, most of our clients are in the Edmonton area, but we have many clients in Northern Alberta such as Grand Prairie and Peace River, as well as clients in Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat.

Any real estate lawyer can ‘process’ a file, but people don’t want to feel like they are being ‘processed.’ RMLO clients get engaged lawyers and staff who communicate promptly, provide essential information, and close that very important purchase or sale on-time and on-budget. That’s what RMLO Law LLP provides: a smooth, comfortable, stress-free, Alberta real estate transaction.

Do it yourself? Probably not a good idea when working on perhaps the biggest ticket item of most people’s lives. You don’t get brain surgery done by the corner mechanic, and you are best protected when the specialist Edmonton real estate lawyers at RMLO help you buy or sell property in Alberta. Plus, if you’re getting a mortgage, your new lender will require that you use a lawyer. That’s right, you cannot deal with mortgage documents yourself—you need an Alberta real estate lawyer.

We can help you with all aspects of your new real estate purchase or sale. At RMLO, our goal is to make an unfamiliar process comfortable and understandable through constant availability by email, phone, and fax. From real estate purchase contract interpretation and advice before you sign, to detailed financial calculations and negotiations if required, we make sure you understand where your hard-earned money is going. It’s a team approach here at RMLO, looking to give you exactly what you want and need to finalize your purchase or sale.

The most important time to get in touch with a lawyer
may be just as you are considering a new home purchase or sale.

But contact us anytime! You should still call RMLO when you are actually negotiating a new purchase or sale, but have not yet signed the contract, or have some questions about the contract. A good conversation at this stage can reveal issues and problems that are solvable now—but maybe not later. We can give you help and direction when it really counts, not when it’s too late.  The coaching here is, give us a call early in your purchase or sale process. Never any charge for that first call and it can just give you amazing assistance in achieving a positive result.

Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer Flat-rate Fees:

RMLO Law LLP offers fast, easy, flat-rate, “No Surprise Legal Fees” through our Homeowners Plus program. Our basic real estate deal quotation includes the legal fees and all the disbursements! Unlike the other guys, you get an all-inclusive number. Sorry, but we still have to add the dreaded GST.  Now updated for January, 2020.

What we want is more certainty for you, easier budgeting, and more transparency. To be fair, we’ll probably have to charge more if your real estate deal isn’t standard. But “No Surprise Legal Fees” means we’ll always let you know about exceptions up front—not after the fact. Our Homeowners Plus program is tailor-made for the average person buying or selling a house, home, townhouse, duplex, condo, etc. in Alberta.

We believe in value for money. That means you’ll get exceptional service at a reasonable price. We don’t try to be the cheapest lawyers in Edmonton because then we’d have to do less for our clients. Remember, price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Homeowners Plus™ “No Surprise Legal Fees” (as at January, 2020)

  • Selling your home and paying out one mortgage $1,295
  • Refinancing your home $1,295
  • OR
  • Paying cash for your home $1,395
  • Buying your home with a new mortgage $1,695
  • Buying your condo with a new mortgage $1,795

Be Prepared!  Certain deals have added costs:

  • New Construction…. Add $195.00
  • CMHC First Time Homebuyer 2nd Mortgage – Add $595.00
  • Any Mortgage NOT with Big 5 Banks (RBC, TD, etc) – Add $195.00

To read a more in-depth blog post about the cost of lawyer’s legal fees, click here.

Alberta Real Estate Legal Services in Edmonton:

Types of Property:

Houses, condominiums, condo units, townhouses, duplexes, four-plexes, triplexes, apartment buildings, raw land, farms, acreages, strip malls, multifamily buildings, multi-owner properties, new homes, resale homes…

Mortgages, Financing, and Payment:

CMHC, insured mortgages, discharge of mortgage, payout statements, payout penalties, net sale proceeds, direct deposits, wiring funds, out-of-province sellers/buyers, second mortgages, RRSP mortgages, syndicated mortgages, banks, mortgage brokers, lenders, financing alternatives, financial calculations, interim financing, bridge financing, project financing, mortgage draws, trust monies, deposits, using deposits for construction, credit rating, joint ventures, rent-to-own, condominium fees, cost-plus, fixed price, buying and selling at the same time, escrow…

Contracts, Warrantees, and Inspections

Purchase contracts, builder contracts, prepare and review contracts, schedules, addenda, amendments, clauses, caveats, holdbacks, home inspections, New Home Warranty, builder warrantees…

Land Titles, Deeds, and Permits

Real property reports, surveys, transfer of land, building permits, development permits, occupancy permits, bylaws, municipal compliance, non-conformance, noncompliance, decks, fences, encroachments, driveways, city property, title insurance, Alberta Land Titles Office, restrictive covenants, easements, liens, third-party nontitle beneficial owners, agreements for sale, judicial orders to pay…

Added-Value Legal Services:

Free consultations, rush closings, complicated transactions, appointments outside office hours (weekend, early morning, and evening appointments), notary public, commissioner for oaths…

Related Legal Services

Foreclosures, quitclaims, statement of claim, statement of defense, demand of notice, special assessments, tenancy at will, squatter’s rights, certificate of lis pendens, corporate restructuring, transfer property to personal corporation, limited partnerships, general partnerships, s.85 rollovers, bare trusts…

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