RCP Webinars

Module 1 Webinars: Support and Further Study

After completing the Rapid Cash Program, these audio and video webinars will help guide your journey. Get the answers to frequently asked questions, and add new information to flesh out the strategies. Hear examples of past students' success, and know that you, too, can do one damn deal!

Unit 1 The Journey Begins
Unit 2 Mega Marketing
Unit 3 Building Credibility
Unit 4 Tax and Accounting
Unit 5 Marketing Strategies
Unit 6 What to Do When Feeling Stuck
Unit 7 The Value of Financing
Unit 8 Funding Creative Deals
Unit 9 Closing Your First Deal
Unit 10 Cross-country Checkup: RTO, Assignments, and AFS
Unit 11 Joint Ventures in Creative Strategies
Unit 12 How to Attract Money Partners for Joint Ventures
Unit 13 RRSP Mortgages
Unit 14 A Success Story
Unit 15 Secrets to Finding Motivated Sellers
Unit 16 Joint Ventures 2.0
Unit 17 Adding Suites to Single Family Homes
Unit 18 One Damn Deal Done!
Module 2 Added Value: Digital Versions of the RCP Manuals
As requested, we've included the digital versions of the manuals for your convenience
Unit 1 Digital Manuals
Module 3 RCP 2022 Audio

These audio recordings were made during the Rapid Cash Program live event in 2022. Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties, and so the recordings are incomplete. They're still a great resource, though!

Unit 1 Negotiating
Unit 2 Managing
Unit 3 Exiting and Accountability
Unit 4 Creative Joint Ventures
Unit 5 Joint Venture Panel
Unit 6 RTO Conversation Between Two Lawyers
Unit 7 RTO Overview
Unit 8 RTO Roleplay on Exiting
Unit 9 RTO Conclusion
Unit 10 Options
Unit 11 Day 1 Closing Panel Q & A
Unit 12 Seller Motivation
Unit 13 AFS Exercise
Unit 14 AFS Potential Problems
Unit 15 AFS Marketing
Unit 16 AFS Roleplay #1
Unit 17 AFS Roleplay #2
Unit 18 AFS Analysis
Unit 19 AFS Kitchen Table Talk
Unit 20 AFS Documentation
Unit 21 Creative Financing Panel
Unit 22 AFS Managing the Deal
Unit 23 AFS Exiting
Unit 24 Fix and Flip Panel
Unit 25 Fix and Flips Exits
Unit 26 Assignments Overview
Unit 27 Assignments Examples
Unit 28 Day 2 Final Panel Q & A