Intro to Creative Strategies

Welcome to Barry McGuire’s Introduction to Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies Online Focus Workshop!



Use the links below to navigate your way through the course. It might be easiest to go through them in order, but that’s not a requirement. You should click the “Mark as Completed” box after you watch, listen, and/or read each unit, so that you’ll know what is done and what is still to do.

Module 1 Start Here

This module contains an orientation and the resources for the course. Work through these first to get the most out of the rest of the modules!

Unit 1 Foreword from Barry
Unit 2 Transcripts, Slides, and Exercises
Unit 3 Origins and Overview

Module 2 Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies

This module contains the core lessons and examples for the course.

Unit 1 Agreements for Sale (AFS): Basics
Unit 2 Agreements for Sale (AFS): Examples
Unit 3 Assignments (a.k.a. Wholesaling): Basics
Unit 4 Assignments (a.k.a. Wholesaling): Examples
Unit 5 Rent-to-Own (RTO): Basics
Unit 6 Rent-to-Own (RTO): Pros, Cons, and Q&A
Unit 7 Creative Financing Panel
Unit 8 Creative Combinations
Unit 9 Q&A