AFS Intensive – Audio

AFS Intensive!  A Dig-Deeper Conversation On Agreements For Sale

An Exclusive Opportunity To Share In What Was An Amazing Focus Workshop

Barry and Donna and their entire Focus Team put their heart and soul into creating and delivering Focus Workshops that we believe to be great tools for your creative investing toolbox.

Well, the AFS Intensive! Focus Workshop on November 17th knocked it out of the park!!!

We had promised a ‘dig-deeper’ event that would focus on more conversations about the ins & outs, and ups & downs of Agreements For Sale – and we delivered.  Thanks to our incredible Focus Team:  Andrea, Neill, Dan, Wayne & Gaby, to name a few 🙂

“I listened to it again yesterday! Soooo many great nuggets that I missed.
One of my favourites was something Barry kept saying, that you need to find what works for you and who you are. There’s so many different ways to use this strategy! ” Wayne H.

“💯% worth it. If you listen closely to the panel speakers there’s real world application and know how that’s not discussed in the textbooks. So definitely worth it if you want to be operating at a higher level.” Victor P.

“Would I recommend it to anyone that wasn’t there? Only if you want to be successful in your real estate business! If you’re sitting on the fence then you aren’t serious about your business. Get off the fence, continue your education and Get One Damn Deal done!! ”  Shelley V.

“Every time that I have listened and re-listened to educational audio, I pick up different and new points. I’m a note-taker, and writing definitely diverts focus and attention .”  Neill T. 

We believe that there is great value in listening to the conversations held here, and then listening to them again.  So, something we’ve never done before… we are offering an exclusive chance to purchase this audio.

Now, this audio has not been edited.  It’s the raw, real inside-look at our AFS Intensive! Focus Workshop.  You will receive 7 hours of real-life, practical discussion of Agreements For Sale!  This is the what works, what doesn’t from our Focus Team and investors who are doing these deals.  (If nothing else, you need to listen to the 77 minutes of Q&A that happened AFTER)