How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

mortgage fraud

Podcast Episode 97:
“Mortgage Fraud.

The simplest way to avoid committing mortgage fraud is to fully disclose everything about a deal to your lender. If they are satisfied, then you’re probably okay. But what happens if someone else is defrauding you? In Tales from the Trenches, you usually hear second-hand accounts of the trials, tribulations, and successes of Canadian real estate investors. In this Tale, you’ll hear it from the “horse’s mouth.” Special guest Valden Palm tells us how he narrowly avoided getting sucked into a mortgage scam. An unscrupulous guy in Edmonton was buying houses, doing shoddy renovations, and then flipping them between shell companies to get more and more money in refinanced mortgages. Lucky for Valden, due diligence and a gut feeling saved his bacon!


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Mortgage Fraud (Part 2)

mortgage fraud

Holy Fraudsters, Batman!

Tales From The Trenches™ are real life stories from homeowners and investors just like you. In my last post, Tales talked about mortgage and real estate fraud. There is just no end to fraudster’s tricks. Courtesy of a news bulletin from the Law Society of Alberta, here are some other examples of fraud. Keep your eyes wide open!

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Mortgage Fraud (Part 1)

mortgage fraud

Mortgage Scam:
An Alberta Classic.

Alberta is viewed as the mortgage fraud capital of Canada. We’ve all seen the media stories of massive mortgage fraud involving millions of dollars. Those are just the ones that get reported. Even amongst seasoned investors and after many warnings, mortgage fraud keeps raising its ugly head!

The Law Society of Alberta is extremely concerned about mortgage fraud; they are constantly on real estate lawyers advising them to watch out for fraud. In this article, we’ll look at what the Law Society has to say on their website about the various kinds of fraud. Then, in Part 2, we will apply those comments to your real estate business. Continue reading