Timing in Real Estate: The Key to Avoiding Extra Legal Fees

Purchasing a New Home:
What Could Go Wrong?

Timing! I keep blogging about timing because it is one of the biggest problems for real estate transactions. Issues with timing are hugely stressful; they are the most common reason for an increased legal account. And, no one likes to pay more in legal fees than they thought they were going to have to pay!

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Don’t Buy a Renovated Home Until You Watch This Video!

DIY vs. Pro Home Renovations in Alberta.

Both professionals and amateurs can do renovations, but what does that mean for a potential home-buyer? Permits and inspections are one side of it. Then there’s the issue of quality. In this video, lawyer Barry and realtor Keith discuss the potential pitfalls in purchasing a renovated property in Edmonton, Alberta.

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What to Look for When Buying a Renovated Property

Legalities of Edmonton Renovations, Permits, and Home Inspections.

Barry and realtor Keith Faria discuss what people need to look for when purchasing a property that has been renovated. In this video, you’ll hear why the renovation needs to be inspected twice, as well as how to make sure everything is safe and legal.

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Home Inspection Liability

Faulty Furnaces and Inspection Issues.

It’s always a good idea to get a professional building inspector to assess any property you’d like to buy. But it doesn’t guarantee 100% that you won’t have problems with your real estate purchase! Whose responsibility is it if there are issues that the inspector doesn’t find? The following is a story about a client, an inspection, and a rusty old furnace.

My client hired a reputable home inspector to check a potential house purchase in Calgary, Alberta. After what appeared to be a thorough inspection, which included the 17-year-old furnace, my client decided to purchase the 1960 bungalow.

Days before occupancy, the natural gas furnace died, apparently from a rusted out heat exchanger. My client thought the home inspector should have caught this. The two estimates for repair were $4,000 and $10,000. Continue reading

Financing Conditions

Podcast Episode 74:
Unconditional Mortgage Commitment:
Are You Sure?”

Sometimes a “sure thing” can come apart at the last minute. In this Tale, we have a buyer who found her dream home and was all ready to purchase. Or so she thought! Unfortunately, an inspection revealed major problems with the foundation. She was able to negotiate a reduction in purchase price, and so she went unconditional on the deal. But then the bank pulled her fully approved financing and left our buyer scrambling to save her dream home—as well as her $60,000 deposit. In the end, she found a solution, but this could have gone better if she had kept her financing condition on the deal until she was surer of the situation.

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Inspection Issues

Clogged Pipes

Podcast Episode 49:
Nailing It Down.

When an inspection reveals problems with a potential property, these need to be fully resolved—even when they seem like they might be OK. Before removing conditions from, make sure to nail down issues so that they are 100%. Close or sort of isn’t good enough!

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Problems with Real Estate after Closing


 “I Want To Sue The Bastards!!”

That’s what buyers say when they discover problems after taking over a property because, “the seller knew about the flooding basement/mice in the attic/leaking roof”. When these kinds of questions come our way here at RMLO Law LLP, we turn to our resident litigator. If you have a problem where the only resolution is going to court, expect to pay a retainer and get prompt action.

Most things we buy (even used cars!) come with some form of guarantee or other protection from loss. Unfortunately, used real estate isn’t one of them. Apart from very narrow exceptions, you are truly on your own when it comes to dealing with issues that arise with a property after closing. This post discusses your limited options when trouble arises after you get the keys to your new property. Continue reading

The Basics: Home Inspections Part 2 Painted Ladies

Podcast Episode 29:  “Home Inspections Part 2 Painted Ladies.”

Show homes are sometimes described as painted ladies. Despite their designer flair and top-end appliances these “painted ladies” can conceal a multitude of problems.

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Download the handout for parts one and two HERE.

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The Basics: Home Inspections Part 1 Knob and Tube

Podcast Episode 28:  “Home Inspections Part 1 Knob and Tube.”

Old, unsafe, hidden behind walls knob and tube wiring was discovered by a home inspection. The buyer avoided a $30,000 repair bill.

Download the audio file HERE.

Download the handout for parts one and two HERE.

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