Three Examples of Real Estate Woe with Permits, Surveys, and Compliance

Podcast Episode 127: “3×3 Permits.”

This is the third Tale in my recent mini-series on Real Property Reports (RPR), municipal compliance, and building/development permits. Our first two Tales dealt with the maze of bureaucracy that surrounds permits and the dangers of not getting a clean RPR with compliance when buying real estate. As per usual, my examples are from Alberta, because that’s where I practise law, but these issues are relevant across Canada and beyond. My third and last instalment is actually three Tales in one, full of RPR/permit related situations or circumstances that turned up for some of my clients. I’m going to talk about how the City isn’t always right, what happens when a seemingly correct compliance is wrong, and why old inspection issues can come back to haunt you…

OK, let’s get started.

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