Joint Ventures, RRSP Mortgages, Due Diligence, & More!

Podcast Episode 92:
A Few Quick Tales.”

Here’s some great stories about people buying and selling real estate in Alberta. These five quick Tales from the Trenches are short, but they show a wide range of different issues, problems, and successes.

In a joint venture, it’s always nice when a more experienced investor can help out someone who’s just getting started, which is the subject of the first Tale. The second deals with rules surrounding RRSP mortgages. Did you know that the money needs to be at arm’s length from the person whose RRSP it is? The third Tale is about Alberta Health’s Minimum Housing & Health  Standards. I’d recommend anyone looking to buy real estate in Alberta take a look at these (available HERE), especially if they want to rent out the property. The second last Tale is about seller’s warranties. They can be hard to enforce, and so due diligence with things like fire safety searches is important before committing to buy. Finally, a real estate deal that is too good to be true can have hidden problems. It might still be a good deal, but it’s best to look a gift horse in the mouth by still doing your due diligence.

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Giving Keys to a Buyer and Fixed Cash Deals

Podcast Episode 91:
Keys & Cash.”

Here are two quick Tales from the Trenches: 1) tips on keeping a property buyer motivated and 2) contract language to fix the cash portion of a real estate deal.

Our first Tale shows one reason why a real estate deal can close late. Even when investors have good relationships with their buyers, I say hold onto the keys to the property until everything is finalized. That’s a “key” to motivating your buyer to hurry up!

In the second Tale, our investor had a great deal, with the seller agreeing to carry a second mortgage on the property. But when the assumption statement came back less than the first mortgage was supposed to be, our investor got caught paying the difference. You can fix the cash in a second mortgage or vendor take-back financing scenario, but this needs to be written into the contract.

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When to Remove Conditions on a Purchase Contract

Podcast Episode 90:
Diligence Pays Off.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when you’re buying a property, never remove conditions on the purchase contract until you’ve done due diligence. A real estate lawyer like me can protect your interests and help you negotiate a better deal, but I can only work with the documents and evidence available. In this Tale, our investor was working on buying a multifamily rental property. Unfortunately, there were many discrepancies with the contents of units as well as with the estoppel certificates (aka rental confirmations forms). Good thing they didn’t remove conditions before they finished their diligence!

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