Government Takes Land, a.k.a. Expropriation

home being demolished

What to Do if the Government Tries to Take Over Your Property?

Do you think that if you own your land, then you are Lord/Lady of your castle, in complete control? Wrong!

Federal, provincial, and municipal governments in Canada have absolute rights to take your private property for public purposes, which is defined as “expropriation.” In the USA they call it “eminent domain” and in the UK it’s a “compulsory purchase.”

For example, when the City of Edmonton expanded its Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, many homes and businesses along the new route were expropriated. And governments want to pay you as little as they can, which is just good business.

If you get an expropriation notice, have expert legal counsel review your situation. You may be entitled to more compensation than you think.

A recent article in the Edmonton Journal (link) is a great illustration of how the game is played. The Alberta Land Compensation Board ruled in favour of a company whose land was expropriated but were not properly compensated.

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Home demolition photo by USDA used under a Public Domain dedication.