Real Estate Investing Workshops: Edmonton and Toronto

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How to Make Quick Money in Canada with Creative Real Estate Investing.

So, you want to be a real estate investor. But financing is a problem, so you’re not sure about getting started or whether you can continue investing.

You might feel like you don’t have the money to buy now, or you want to purchase real estate with little-to-no money down. Maybe you already own some investment properties, and you can’t qualify for more mortgages. Or maybe you have the financing to purchase investment properties, but “buy and hold” takes too long to pay off. Perhaps you’re frustrated by finding great deals on houses that don’t fit your current investing strategy.

Barry McGuire’s Rapid Cash Program shows you how to overcome barriers and become a successful real estate investor. The secret is a portfolio of proven Creative Strategies, tailored for the Canadian market. If you understand the strategies, you’ll recognize the opportunities!

Get Creative to Make Money Fast with Canadian Real Estate

Starting with a two-day workshop, the Rapid Cash Program gives you everything you need to get started—and keep going—with Creative Real Estate Investing. Barry and his Focus Team provide step-by-step coaching on how to find, analyze, negotiate, manage, and exit deals. You’ll learn:
1. Rent-to-Own (also known as Lease Options)
2. Agreements for Sale (also known as Seller Financing)
3. Fix and Flip
4. Assignments (also known as Wholesaling)
5. Joint Ventures

After the workshop, you’ll have plenty of support, too. The complete Rapid Cash Program includes six months of coaching to ensure your success. Barry and his Focus Team bring their years of experience to help you avoid all the common problems and pitfalls.

Creative Strategies open a floodgate of opportunity once you do “one damn deal.” Whether you just want to make money on the side or go fulltime investor, it’s up to you how much quick cash you’ll earn.

Rapid Cash Program Focus Workshops
Edmonton: 4–5 May 2019
Toronto: 1–2 June 2019
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At the Focus Workshop weekend, you’ll get:
• Two full days of immersive, interactive training.
• Three up-to-date and in-depth manuals on Creative Strategies.
• Time to network with like-minded students and learn from our experienced Focus Team.
• Our guarantee that we’ll stay until all questions are answered.

And after the Focus Workshop, your dedicated 6-month implementation program includes:
• Monthly live conference calls – Learn directly from people doing deals
• Email hotline – Got questions? Receive unlimited email support
• Deal review – Got deals? Let the experts give you a second opinion
• Marketing review – Professional marketing experts review your materials and websites
• Legal advice – One free lawyer’s consultation with Barry (regular $500/hour)

But wait, there’s more!

Your bonus home study kit includes valuable resources:
• Agreements for Sale E-Program
• Rent-to-Own Success in Canada
• Joint Venture Secrets
• Recorded conference calls from previous Rapid Cash Programs

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