Learn How to Invest in Canadian Real Estate from Beginner to Advanced (Part 1)

Folks, this blog post is different than what I normally do on my website. For almost 10 years, I have focused on free real estate education through hundreds of blog posts and my ever-popular Tales from the Trenches podcast. But I also educate through Focus Workshops, which are paid events. Full disclosure, this blog is me telling you about our upcoming Rapid Cash Program (RCP) on May 7th and 8th, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m asking you to consider paying some money to attend, because you’ll get what I consider absolutely essential education for real estate investors, whether you’re just getting started or already own properties. If that’s of interest to you, read on.

Why Canadian Real Estate Is a Good Investment

Across the country, ordinary Canadians just like you are interested in learning about real estate investment, because Canadian real estate is hot! They are also attracted to the fact that property is tangible in a way that stocks or crypto currencies aren’t, which is comforting in uncertain times. Right now, home prices are rising, rents are rising, and many properties don’t even make it to the market. Perhaps you are experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out), and you are not alone! Most folks start by investigating the classic Buy and Hold strategy, which is great if you have the money for a down payment, can qualify for a mortgage, and are lucky enough to land a positive cash flow property.

Increasingly, however, newbies and experienced investors alike want to learn about alternative ways of investing in real estate, too. That’s where I come in. As a lawyer and educator specialized in Creative Investing Strategies, I help people get started in real estate—even if they don’t have much money or can’t qualify for a mortgage. If you know Creative Strategies, you’ll recognize the endless, amazing opportunities beyond Buy and Hold.

Real Estate Investing and the Alberta Advantage

We are Alberta-based, and the upcoming RCP will be held in Calgary, but what we teach works all across Canada. That being said, Alberta has some unique advantages for would-be investors priced out of the real estate markets in Toronto and Vancouver. Consider the following factors.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is now commonplace, and hopeful homeowners are flocking to Alberta. One of my clients recently sold his personal residence and one investment property in Toronto and moved to a very nice area of Edmonton, where he paid cash for his new home and had enough money left over to buy three investment properties! Investors and hopeful homeowners alike are discovering that it is still economical to buy (and be able to work remotely) in Alberta.

Furthermore, global events are driving energy prices higher and higher, and the Alberta government has gone from a budget deficit to a cash surplus! That means the energy-driven economy in Alberta is getting a huge boost, too. And, in case you didn’t know, Alberta is still the only Canadian province with no provincial sales tax, which leaves more money in your pocket when you buy property here.

How to Invest in Canadian Real Estate with No Money and/or No Mortgage

So, you want to learn about the basics of Canadian real estate investment or you’re looking to level up your existing knowledge. And, naturally, you have questions.

Where do you stand? Are you just getting started in real estate? As a beginner, are you looking for rental properties? Maybe you want to begin your real estate investing journey with no money down? How can you invest in property with little money? Is there a minimum amount that you need to invest in real estate? Is it hard to get into investing in Canadian real estate?

Maybe you already own some property, but how do you buy houses if you don’t have enough for another down payment? Or how do you acquire more properties if you can’t qualify for any more mortgages? If you don’t have much money and/or you can’t qualify for a mortgage, who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters; they can’t help you!

All great questions and many, many people want the answers. Yes, you can buy Canadian real estate with little (or no!) money down. And yes, you can invest in Canadian real estate without qualifying for a mortgage.

The more important question is “how,” and the answers are found in education. They’re found in learning from experts. They’re found in learning together, and they’re found in creating a support network that will help you on your journey to real estate investing success.

What you need is not just any old kind of real estate education; you need really great education that offers proven results! Think about it. All of us do something in our daily lives. We all have a job. Whether you are a tradesperson or a scientist or a web developer or in the service industry or a lawyer like me, we all have taken time to learn about and get good at what we do in our daily lives. Nobody learns everything on their own. It takes time, training, mentorship, and experience.

Real estate investing is no different. The best way to ramp up quickly is to get solid education in both fundamentals and advanced strategies from a reliable source.

Where to Learn about Investing in Canadian Real Estate

Now, I’m a lawyer and definitely not a marketer, but I have seen the incredible results of regular folks like you who have taken the Rapid Cash Program. Our past students continue to experience unheard of real estate success!

The answers to all your questions—and more—will be at my absolutely amazing, freshly updated, Rapid Cash Program coming up on May 7th and 8th, 2022. The RCP is two full days of incredibly useful instruction, discussion, expert panels, working through examples, and getting every question answered that you can possibly think of. With COVID fading, we are now looking forward to our very first live event since Toronto in June 2019. That’s a long time to do education by ZOOM, and, quite frankly, I’m totally tired of ZOOM.

You’ll learn real estate strategies that complement, augment, and exceed the classic Buy and Hold strategy. We will delve deeply into Rent-to-Own (RTO), Fix and Flip as well as the related BRRRR (buy, renovate, rent, refinance, and repeat), Agreements for Sale (AFS), Wholesaling (a.k.a., Assignments), and Joint Ventures as they relate to all of these other strategies. And, if that’s not enough, which it definitely is, we’ll talk about Creative Combinations. In other words, how do you use two or more of these strategies together? How do you combine them to make an even more powerful strategy?

Invest in yourself! Come join us and leave with all the tools you need and the best support network in the real estate investing universe. Take full advantage of me, Barry McGuire, and my Focus Team of experts for a journey through Creative Real Estate Strategies that can start you on the road to your first deal or give you the boost you need do your next one. Capacity is limited. Register NOW.




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