Alberta Real Estate Contracts Package

This package of digital documents includes everything you need to draft a real estate purchase or sale in Alberta.

Your download includes:

  • 8 fill-able PDF forms that you can use right away
  • 1 manual with instructions and coaching
  • Bonus: 1 free support call with a veteran Alberta real estate lawyer!

Contracts, Clauses, & Coaching

Buying or Selling an Alberta Property?

Thinking of Doing It Yourself (DIY)?

Maybe Just Curious About the Contract Paperwork?

Get the documents and a whole lot more in our Alberta Real Estate Contracts Package!

This up-to-date contracts package is totally compatible with the standard contracts and schedule in use in Alberta, right now.

Buying or selling, the format and content are familiar and comfortable for any residential situation.

This package is the whole deal!  It contains all the documents you need to write up a purchase or sale.


Here’s what you get:

  • Purchase contract for a house/duplex
  • Purchase contract for a condominium
  • Addendum (for adding contract terms)
  • Amendment (for changing contract terms)
  • Financing Schedule
  • Notice (to remove or waive your conditions)
  • Notice (that you won’t waive or remove conditions)
  • Tenancy Schedule (if there are existing tenants to deal with)
  • Lots of comments on specific clauses and what they mean.
  • Extra clauses to cover things like repairs, Real Property Reports, condition of the property, and much more.

Bonus #1:  all of these forms are in fill-able PDF format. You call them up on your computer, fill them out, and then email them. No messy printing first and dealing with messy handwriting.

Bonus #2:  got a question?  Probably yes. You can call me or email me and ask away. No charge, everyone gets at least one free call!


Cost of Lawyer’s Fees for Contracts, Addenda, Schedules, etc.

OK, folks. Is this package really worth $79.97?

Compared to coming into my office and retaining me to personally teach you and provide the included forms and coaching at a cost of about 3 hours of my time at $500/hour ($1,500), it’s absolutely worth it.


DIY Buying or Selling Alberta Real Estate

Now, here’s a caveat (warning). I’m a lawyer, so I need to say things like this. If you are a DIY kind of person, great! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from or perhaps be even better served by using a Realtor™.

Buying or selling, a Realtor™ can help you a lot. You are entering into a giant financial commitment as a buyer, or looking to sell your house for top dollar as a seller. No-one wants to be our own dentist or mechanic. My advice is to at least give careful consideration to using the services of a professional Realtor™.

Whoa, that sounded like I don’t want you to buy my Contracts Package. Not so!

This contracts package is hugely valuable! Just be aware that professional help is also valuable if you don’t have enough experience with buying and selling real estate.

Add to cart – CAD $79.97