Rent-to-Own Home Study Kit – Streaming Edition

This complete guide to Rent-to-Own in Canada is everything you need to get into investing in real estate with Lease Options; start making money now!

Your purchase provides ONE FULL YEAR of access to an online home study kit, including:

  • 15 streaming videos filled with expert coaching from a live, two-day, Rapid Cash Focus Workshop
  • 15 streaming audio versions of the Focus Workshop videos, perfect for on-the-go listening
  • 1 detailed, digital manual with nearly 300 pages on Rent-to-Own
  • Bonus: templates and precedents to get you started—fast!

Full-time Income
Part-time Work
Complete Canadian Rent-to-Own Program

Rent-to-Own (RTO) is one of the fastest growing and lucrative niches inside the realm of Creative Real Estate Investing in Canada. This strategy can produce a full-time income with only part-time effort! But there can be some serious landmines if you don’t know what you are doing; we will show you how to avoid them.


How Rent-to-Own Works

This strategy helps folks who want to own their own property now, but can’t qualify for a mortgage. In a nutshell, you acquire a property and lease it to a tenant-buyer with an option to buy at a later date.

Once such a hopeful homeowner qualifies under your RTO rules, you try for as big an upfront option payment as they can manage. You lease to them for at least the going market rate for rent (often better), and they pay market value for the home when they exercise the option to purchase.

There are many reasons why a renter cannot qualify for a mortgage, but that doesn’t mean they have to be just a tenant. Some of those reasons for non-qualification are being a new business owner, divorced, newly immigrated to Canada, and newly employed. Mainline lenders simply are not very interested in lending to hopeful homeowners that fit in these categories.

We prefer folks in these categories, rather than people who are credit challenged. The ideal renter-to-owner has excellent credit and simply ran into artificial banking rules that prevented them from qualifying for a mortgage.

Especially in a rising market situation, RTO can be a very lucrative strategy. Your edge in the deal comes from being able to use those option monies right now, providing an injection of cash in your pocket!


Why Rent-to-Own Investing

  • Increases your cash flow in 3 ways
    • initial option fee
    • strong positive cash flow
    • final profit when you sell
  • Puts your real estate investments on autopilot
  • Creates win/win deals with qualified tenant-buyers
  • Dramatically reduces tenant problems and maintenance costs


7 Modules Covering
Everything You Need
to Start Doing RTO Deals

Module 1: Education

The complete process of using lease options to structure RTO Deals.

Module 2: Marketing

The marketing strategies to have people looking for an RTO calling you.

Module 3: Analysis

Find the opportunity in those ‘no room to make a deal’ deals.

Module 4: Negotiation

The sophisticated negotiating strategies that create win/win deals.

Module 5: Documentation

The legal paperwork required to close the deals.

Module 6: Deal Management

How to manage the asset once you own it.

Module 7: Exit Strategies

How to successfully exit the deal, ensuring you get paid.


What You’ll Get

With hours of footage recorded from a live Focus Workshop event, it’s the next best thing to being there. Barry and his Focus Team explain Rent-to-Own step by step and answer frequently asked questions. They also show you potential pitfalls to help reduce your risk.

In addition to all that expert coaching, you’ll receive an in-depth manual with even more details. This fully searchable digital guide is an invaluable resource for going as deep as you want on Rent-to-Own. You’ll even get document templates to help you get started.

Buy now for instant access, and start making rapid cash today!

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