Basics of Real Estate Investing

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How Hard It Is to Invest in Canadian Real Estate

As real estate investors, our perfect world would be something like this:

  • Find a new or renovated property that exactly fits the system and make an offer,
  • satisfy due diligence and remove conditions,
  • close on time,
  • place the perfect tenant,
  • and enjoy solid positive cash flow while building equity.

Unfortunately, real estate investing—and life—isn’t a perfect world. There are lots of bumps and twists, questions and situations that come up every day in your normal lives and with every real estate transaction.

What I have discovered over 40 years of being a lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta and handling approximately 25,000 transactions is…

…that every deal has its wrinkles and crinkles, its ups and downs; situations where you say, “should I or shouldn’t I?” These variations raise questions, making basic buy & hold real estate investing more complicated than one might hope.

Frequently Asked Questions for New Real Estate Investors

There are many situations that keep coming up, time and time again, situations that raise basic questions to which you need the answers. Having answers will help you move forward with your business of real estate. These answers will be valuable tools in your real estate toolbox, enabling you to quickly deal with those ever-present puzzles and questions that come up constantly in the world of real estate investing.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a mini-series of podcasts (with text) called The Basics. Stay tuned, folks!


Beyond the Basics: Learn Creative Real Estate Investing

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