Giving Keys to a Buyer and Fixed Cash Deals

Podcast Episode 91:
Keys & Cash.”

Here are two quick Tales from the Trenches: 1) tips on keeping a property buyer motivated and 2) contract language to fix the cash portion of a real estate deal.

Our first Tale shows one reason why a real estate deal can close late. Even when investors have good relationships with their buyers, I say hold onto the keys to the property until everything is finalized. That’s a “key” to motivating your buyer to hurry up!

In the second Tale, our investor had a great deal, with the seller agreeing to carry a second mortgage on the property. But when the assumption statement came back less than the first mortgage was supposed to be, our investor got caught paying the difference. You can fix the cash in a second mortgage or vendor take-back financing scenario, but this needs to be written into the contract.

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House and Keys” image by geralt on Pixabay used under CC0 1.0.