Learn to Buy Property with Little-to-No Money Down!

Live Real Estate Investing Event in Calgary, Nov 17: Our New, All-Day, Dig-Deeper AFS Intensive Focus Workshop.

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I love Agreements for Sale (AFS)! It’s a seller financing strategy that is so, so relevant in today’s tough Canadian real estate market. AFS is a classic way of buying property with very little money out of your own pocket. On November 17th, we’re running a special AFS Intensive Focus Workshop, featuring comprehensive tools to help both new and established investors achieve financial success.

Why Attend This Intensive Focus Workshop?

Our previous AFS Focus Workshops have been huge hits with real estate investors, and it’s also an essential Creative Strategy in our Rapid Cash Program. Many students have successfully written up their own AFS deals.

From my desk as a lawyer being asked to help with AFS deals, however, I can tell that what many people need is to dig deeper into the strategy. More discussion on the upside and downside of an AFS, and lots more hands-on practice writing up deals. Practice makes perfect, and with this AFS Intensive Focus Workshop, we expand the discussions from all angles, taking actual deals and turning them into exercises.

Normally, our AFS Focus Workshop is half-day: four hours packed with information and discussion in documents. This AFS Intensive is a full-day interactive event, full of role-playing, brainstorming, deeper understanding and expert panels.

In addition to all the information anyone could need to work with AFS, we’ll be doing tons of guided practice. For example:  First, as individuals you will work on how to actually write up the purchase contract and the AFS financing schedule using real deals as examples. Then, as a group, take a new deal situation and write it up together with everyone having their say in how the deal should be written. Finally, we’ll have an open discussion between groups about why a deal was written the way it was. It’s amazing how many different ways there are to look at a deal. And then we’re going to do that two or three more times to make sure we cover all the bases.

Why Use Agreements for Sale?

Do you want to increase your real estate portfolio by following tested and proven steps? How about learning different, creative ways to profit from real estate? Even if you are just curious, this is the most important event you’ll hear about all year!

Alberta has been particularly hard-hit by the federal government’s ever tightening mortgage rules. And, I don’t care what the economists say about Alberta’s recovery, generally speaking, the real estate market has not yet recovered. In today’s much tougher real estate market, Agreements for Sale solve many financing and marketing problems, creating unique openings for savvy investors.

There are endless investment opportunities for those who already have money… rarely do you see how to make huge profits with almost no initial investment! We’ve helped everyone from students to retirees move forward on the path to financial security and wealth through our Focus Workshops. I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to get started…

What Does the AFS Intensive Focus Workshop Entail?

Our goal is to broaden and deepen your understanding, focusing on how to actually write up those deals. You’ll learn everything you need to make your first deal, you’ll meet other investors, and you’ll have a powerful strategy for adding properties to your portfolio.

The two core elements of the AFS Intensive are expert coaching and hands-on training. Even people who are familiar with AFS can benefit because we’ll have the time to go more in-depth than previous workshops, which means more opportunities for you to get feedback and really get comfortable with the strategy.

The AFS Intensive Focus Workshop:

  • Buying properties with seller financing… i.e. not having to qualify for mortgage financing, and in many cases you may be able to buy with little to no money down
  • Canadian-specific creative real estate strategy for both buying and selling
  • Access to new properties that were unattainable in the past
  • Open up a completely new market of people to sell your properties to… people who are ‘capped out’ at the banks
  • Stress-free & creative exit strategies for your least-performing properties in tough economic times… Get out from under negative cash flow properties
  • Quick and easy ways to eliminate selling costs, property management fees, and the financial burdens that come with under performing properties
  • Interactive exercises and analysis of real life case studies
  • The “gotchas” to watch for when negotiating an AFS
  • Legal snafus that BOTH buyers and sellers need to know about
  • And much more!

You Will Receive:

  • 350-page Agreements For Sale manual (digital version available)
  • Hot breakfast and lunch, as well as drinks and snacks (please contact Donna regarding any dietary restrictions)
  • Invitation to our private Facebook Group, where you’ll find an incredible amount of support and brainstorming, and answers to questions you didn’t know you had!
  • A free one-hour, 1-on-1 consultation with Barry (he normally charges $500!)
  • Free gift as a thank you 🙂

Join Us for an Awesome Day of Learning!

Saturday, November 17, 2018
8:00am to 6:00pm

Hotel Clique (Calgary Airport)
24 Aero Crescent NE, Calgary, Alberta
Phone: +1 (403) 460 9588

For tickets, please visit: http://www.onedamndeal.ca/

Current REIN members and previous Focus Workshop students, please register here instead.  (If you haven’t received your special coupon code, please contact us!)

Not convinced yet? For more info on AFS, watch these two videos (one and two), listen to these two podcasts (one and two), and read this blog post. Or send a message using the form below to ask any questions about the event.