Learn How to Invest in Canadian Real Estate from Beginner to Advanced (Part 2)

This is my second blog post on our upcoming Rapid Cash Program (RCP) on May 7th and 8th, 2022, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If you haven’t read the first post, take a look. The RCP is an exclusive event that provides all the training you need to get started in Canadian real estate investing. We limit the numbers of attendees to improve the experience, because it’s fully interactive and hands-on. Read on to find out why you need to be there!

How to Get Started in Canadian Real Estate Investing

Wondering about investing in Canadian real estate? Are there really deals out there? Can you make money investing in real estate? Especially, is it possible to buy investment property with no money down or buy houses without needing to qualify for a mortgage? Come on, Barry!  Is that even a real thing? I assure you that it is, so now the question is how do you start with real estate investment without much money? How do you learn? How do you find real estate?

Whether you just want to get started in real estate investing or you already own investment property, please consider joining us to learn about Creative Investing Strategies that are proven to work for Canadian real estate. If you like to learn, if you like connecting with experts, and if you like to be supported in your education after “graduation,” then the RCP is for you. If you have an inquiring mind and want real, in-depth answers to your questions not, “please wait till the end,” then you need to register for the RCP. If you want to learn how to market and find deals, if you like having and understanding the proper paperwork, and if you want to close those deals and keep moving, then my Rapid Cash Program is where you want to be on May 7 and 8.

Join the 500+ very satisfied investors who have taken advantage of RCP to jet propel their investing education. We have a ton of testimonials just like this one:

Where does one begin to describe the level of education that can so radically change one’s life? The practical tips, the current and relevant forms, workbooks, the support and access to help all align with Barry’s (and Donna’s) values of offering a true Canadian course on creative real estate solutions. They are very generous with their knowledge and time. They desire to see you be successful – without constant upselling to take another course to get the “real secrets”. They share the secrets!! If you are wanting to grow your real estate business there isn’t anyone else that teaches it better than Barry. You can’t afford NOT to take his courses!

Two Things You Won’t Find in Any Other Real Estate Investing Program

Number one, as a student you automatically become part of our private Facebook group. Big deal you say! It is a very big deal, because those 500+ students are extremely supportive of each other. If anyone has an issue or problem or a question, they post it to the group and the answers and support are amazing. As part of this very actively engaged community, you don’t have to do this on your own. This benefit extends far beyond the two days of the live RCP event.

And, number two, and I don’t even really like saying this but think I should, we don’t do any up-selling. There is no running to the back of the room waving your credit card and signing up for other expensive programs. There are no ulterior motives and no extra sales. The RCP is a complete, self-contained course on Canadian real estate investing using Creative Strategies that are proven to work for folks just like you.

All About the Rapid Cash Program Focus Workshop

Come join us and learn Creative Investing Strategies that both complement and offer alternatives to the classic Buy and Hold approach to real estate investment. Our experts will teach you about Rent-to-Own (RTO), Fix and Flip, the related BRRRR (buy, renovate, rent, refinance, and repeat), Agreements for Sale (AFS), Wholesaling/Assignments, and Joint Ventures. And, as a bonus, we’ll talk about Creative Combinations. In other words, how do you fit two or more of these tactics together to make an even more powerful strategy?

This will be our first live, in-person RCP in three long years! ZOOM has been useful, but it’s time to be in a room with interested, motivated investors. I don’t do this on my own, folks. Join our top-notch Focus Team, (Andrea Warkentin, Neill Taniguchi, Wayne and Gabby Hillier, and others) all of whom have so much to share with you based on their successes with real estate investing in Canada.

Our Rapid Cash Program was outstanding before, and now it has been updated and streamlined. Improved documentation and new documentation are all provided, both hard copies in 4-inch binders and, of course, digital copies.

And, if that’s not enough, there is an old saying that an army marches on its stomach. The same goes for any intensive event. So, over two days, our hugely supportive hotel partner will provide wonderful breakfasts, lunches, and healthy snacks for break time. You won’t have to go scrambling around trying to find a cold sandwich and then rush back. Not only great food but great networking! My wife and business partner Donna and I have really enjoyed the relationships created when our students and Focus Team eat their meals together.

So, folks, that’s it. The Rapid Cash Program on May 7th and 8th is the culmination of my nearly fifty years of experience as a real estate lawyer and offers your best opportunity to get started quickly with investing in Canadian real estate. Have you registered yet? Space is limited because RCP is the kind of hands-on, deep dive, intensive program that works best with smaller groups.

Not much time left, and I’m happy to say we are almost sold out. If you haven’t signed up yet, the time to do it is now. Everyone who has taken the RCP says it’s absolutely the best real estate education program they’ve ever been part of, bar none. You should be saying that too! Register now!

Read more – CAD $3,497.00



“Teacher Mentor Coach Coaching Training Learn” image by Geralt used under a Pixabay License.